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H1Z1: Complete Beginner’s Tutorial

by Pamela McMillan

Move over DayZ, H1Z1is the newest zombie game that puts players in a huge open world to survive against the odds.


“Offering a total sandbox experience, H1Z1 is a zombie survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world where thousands of players must strategically align with friends and against enemies in order to survive the worldwide infection.” – H1Z1 webpage


As that short description puts it, you’re one of the last surviving humans in a zombie filled world. You can play with your friends, you can play alone, but to survive you’re going to need these tips.


Just After Spawning


Okay, you’ve just been born into this accursed world afflicted by the H1Z1 epidemic with absolutely no zombie-free zones.


What do you do?

Get naked.

Just kidding. You need to shred your clothes.

  • Right-click on your t-shirt and jeans.
  • Select “shred”
  • You’ll gain eight scraps of cloth

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Using the scraps of cloth, you’ll now be able to make yourself a satchel.

  • Click on the “Discovery” tab at the top of your “Inventory” menu
  • Click on scraps of cloth
  • Learn the recipe
  • Click on the “Crafting” tab
  • The satchel option should now be coloured green
  • Click on it and craft it


The satchel will appear on the right hand side of your window and will give you a bunch more carrying space


Now you’re going to need some tools. For that, you’ll need to gather some wood sticks.

  • Walk around the woods and watch out for this type of tree:

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  • Or any kind of low bush:

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, h1z1: complete beginner’s tutorial, how to

  • Walk up to these plants and press “E” to collect the wood sticks


Get lots! You’ll need it.


Go All Katniss on Those Zombies!


It’s time to make yourself a bow and some arrows.

  • Click on the “Discovery” tab again
  • Add the wood sticks you collected and those scraps of cloth to your boxes
  • Learn the recipe
  • Now just add the wood sticks (for the arrows)
  • Learn the recipe
  • Click on the “Crafting” tab
  • Now you’ll see “Makeshift Bow” and “Wooden Arrow” lit up in green
  • Make yourself a bow and some arrows


Starting Your H1Z1 Adventure


Now you’ve armed yourself and made yourself some more storage space, what’s next? Exploring, of course! But there is danger out there and, as 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead taught us: your real enemies isn’t going to be the zombies, it’s going to be the other people.


What Does That Mean For You?


You should play during the day. The reasons for this is that the servers are generally quieter during the day. This gives you a chance to avoid being brutally destroyed by another player when you’ve only just started.


Keeping Your Character Fed


Recognize this?

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Blackberries everywhere in this game and they provide your character with energy and hydration. In the early stages of the game, this will be your main source of food so keep an eye out. To pick the berries:

  • Just walk up to the bush and hit “E”
  • Hit “Tab” to open your inventory
  • Right click on the berries
  • Select “Eat”


Where Am I?


Calm down! Obviously, you need to know where you are on the map, right? You don’t need to quit the game to figure it out either, just follow these steps:

  • Hit “Enter”
  • Type “/loc” in the text field in the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Hit “Enter”
  • Hit “M’ (this will put you in mouse mode)
  • Using your mouse, highlight the location coordinates and hit “CTRL+C”
  • Click “Shift” and “Tab” to bring up your Steam overlay
  • Click on “View All Guides” (it’s under the “Guides” box on the right hand side)
  • Paste your /loc data into the “Find Field”


Exploring the World of H1Z1


Okay, you have your location, a weapon, and a bag…finally it’s time to get going. Of course, you should remember that the bigger the town, the better the loot but also there will be more danger. So, since you’ve only got a makeshift bow and arrows, you should probably stick to smaller towns and gas stations until you’re further on.


As you travel, remember to search everything. When you see a likely looking house or store, approach carefully and look out for any other players or zombies. Zombies in this game are pretty slow so you should be able to pick them off with your bow and arrows with no problem. Try to avoid other players as much as possible in the beginning.


If the area is clear then search everything: cars, cupboards, fridges, whatever. Take everything you find like you’re a hoarder on crack. Key things to look for are empty bottles and scrap metal.


Empty bottles are key in H1Z1 for purifying water and making juice. Look on shelves, go dumpster-diving, and go through kitchen cupboards to find these. Once you have one, you can fill it with water from the nearest river or lake (check your map).


The water you get will be labeled as dirty or stagnant. You’ll need to purify it, which means you need fire:


Making a Fire in H1Z1


There are a few things you need to do before you can make a fire. To cut the wood for the fire, you’ll need a hatchet:

  • Hit “Tab”
  • Click on the “Discover” tab
  • Put “scrap metal” and a “wooden stick” into the boxes
  • Learn the recipe
  • Go to the “Crafting” tab
  • Click on “Makeshift Hatchet”
  • Click on “Craft”

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Now you have a hatchet and you’ll need to chop down some trees, which will yield two logs, which can either be used to build a fire or be crafted into wooden planks.


  • Hit “Tab”
  • Click on “Discover”
  • Put two “Logs” into the boxes
  • Learn the recipe
  • Go to the “Crafting” tab
  • Click on “Campfire”
  • Right click and place on the ground


You’ve laid the groundwork for your fire and now you have two options for lighting it: the flares you are spawned with or creating a bow drill. To craft a bow drill, follow these steps:


  • Hit “Tab”
  • Click on “Discover”
  • Put one “scrap of cloth”, one “wood stick”, and one “wood plank” (crafted from “logs”) into the boxes into the boxes
  • Learn the recipe
  • Go to the “Crafting” tab
  • Click on “Bow Drill”
  • Light your campfire


Now you can purify your water:


  • Highlight your campfire
  • Press “E”
  • Drag bottle of dirty or stagnant water over to the fire pane on the left
  • Wait
  • Drag purified water back across the screen to your gear


Water is obviously better at hydrating you than blackberries so make sure to carry two or three bottles with you at all times.


Okay, you’re good to go. Just make sure to stay away from other players unless you know them! Remember what your mother always said: stranger danger!!!

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