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Guide to Starting Your Own YouTube Gaming Channel on Windows 7 Computer

If you love gaming, become a gaming YouTuber sounds like the perfect direction for your hobby. You can earn while playing games. It doesn’t get any better than this. Starting a YouTube channel takes a lot of efforts and it is easy to lose motivation when you are unguided and don’t see results. But you don’t have to worry about any of it because we have a super awesome guide to help you out from the start to the end.

Let’s get started:

Choose a game

You can either choose a game that’s trending or something that’s close to your heart. When you choose a trending game, there are more chances of you getting noticed since many people are searching about it. Download TubeBuddy and check the keywords related to the game that are trending and add it to the video when you upload it.

Select a name for your YouTube channel

Selecting a name is very important because it is going to be your ultimate identity. Choose something that’s easy to remember and pronounce but not anything too funny or silly. Your viewers should connect with you and remember your channel by its name. The next time anyone notices you at the garden or mall, they are going to call out the channel name.

You can always change the channel name whenever you want but do that only after you have a good number of subscribers. If your channel is still growing and you change the name, people will keep searching for you and won’t be able to find you.

Find a professional screen recording video

Gaming videos are all about the quality. Your primary goal is to offer the best content to your viewers and that’s only possible when you have a professional tool for recording superior quality videos. If you want to record screen in Windows 7, we recommend you to purchase Movavi Screen Recorder. It captures the screen at 60 fps resolution, which is perfect for gaming videos.

You can manually select a part of the screen that you want to record and add animations, sound effects, audios using the built-in editing tool. It supports microphone, so you can connect it with your computer while recording to simultaneously add audio to it.

Purchase accessories

All YouTube channels need you to invest in good quality accessories including microphone, consoles, pre-amp, and more. Most YouTubers use the Blue’s Snowball mic, which is compatible with Windows 7 and costs around $50. The console you purchase depends on the games you want to show on your channel. We recommend you to get PlayStation 4 because it offers you a large selection of games.

For pre-amp, M-Audio Mobile Pre USB sounds like a good choice. You can check other gaming YouTubers to find out the accessories that they use. If you are tight on budget, start with second-hand or more basic accessories and once you start generating revenue from YouTube, you can invest in better accessories.

Now all you have to do is set up your YouTube channel and start recording the game. Select a genre for your voice over. It can be funny, informative, or descriptive. Give viewers cheat codes and teach them new tricks, so they come back for more. Encourage them to engage with the video by commenting their doubts in the comments section.

What about monetization?

Monetization is always a hot topic among aspiring YouTubers. For every game you play, read the terms and conditions under About This Game section on the game website. Different developers have different policies, so you can send them a mail asking for their regulations regarding monetization of transformed content on YouTube. For example, Bethesda Softworks and Bohemia Interactive allow monetization by third parties on the social platform.

It is the same for Codemasters, Dark Vale Games, and Electronic Arts. Companies like Daydalus Studio and Hi Rez Studios have problem with you uploading their games on YouTube as long as you mention Daydalus Studio or Hi Rez Studios review in the title and description. Microsoft has very specific rules regarding third-party monetization, so read the terms and conditions carefully for each game. On YouTube, you can monetize and de-monetize every video manually, which comes in very handy.

Windows 7 is the easiest Windows version to work with and you are going to have a fun time recording games and audio on it.


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