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Grooming Gadgets Every Geek Needs

The time of year is here that, whether we really want to or not, most of us are going to be seeing a good bit of family and friends over the holiday season. Even if you’re only hanging out with immediate family and not meeting your significant other’s loved ones for the first time, it can be a rather nerve-racking experience.

Especially if you don’t look your best and that one aunt keeps pointing out how scraggy you’re looking.

Luckily, the marvels of the 21st century continue to enhance our lives and these days there are plenty of gadgets that can assist with your grooming needs. In our traverses, we recently came across a couple that we really like and wanted to share with you. 

So, take a couple of minutes and check to see if any of them sound like something you and/or your family should get this year.


Virtually everyone has unwanted hair somewhere on their body. Whether it’s running rampant on your back or butt or you’re tired of having to constantly groom your underarms, legs, or face, shaving regularly is a chore many of us despise.

Waxing is painful and professional laser treatments and salons are expensive. Heck, when you really think about it, even traditional razors can set you back a good chunk of change annually.

These are exactly the reasons why we like the Hyberic, an IPL laser hair removal device that is designed for comfort, safety, and effectiveness. It has some great reviews and it’s quick and easy to use and best of all, it’s painless and will give you long-lasting results. 

Since the Hyberic is on sale for just $119.99, this gadget will save you both time and money.

hum by Colgate

Bushing our teeth is a chore that most of us simply go through the motions to accomplish. Every morning and every night it’s the same mundane task – brush, floss, rinse. Which is probably why most people miss up to 40% of their teeth when they brush.


You may have thought that the toothbrush had pretty much evolved as far as it could but Colgate has broken new ground with the upgrade you didn’t know you need in your life. hum by Colgate is a rechargeable smart toothbrush and app that help ensure you get the best results possible and the reviews are in:

“My teeth have never felt cleaner.”

“I love this toothbrush!”

“Works great! Won’t go back to manual toothbrushes.”

As mentioned above, there’s a good chance that you’re missing a significant portion of your teeth with your traditional toothbrush and the hum by Colgate will help you break that cycle. Now through the end of the year, you can use discount code GEEK20 for 20% off hum by Colgate adult and kid’s smart toothbrushes.

The Flowbee

As seen on T.V.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, grooming gadgets every geek needs, smart home

TOTALLY kidding! We know there was a fanbase for these (looking at you George Clooney) but this is one grooming gadget we’ll take a pass on.


Guess what, even your shower has an upgrade available. The Citron Smart Showerhead from hai takes another daily task that had seemingly reached its technological limits and added features we didn’t know we absolutely needed in our lives.

First, it’s easy to install DIY and doesn’t require any tools or an expensive plumber. With the app, you can track shower and energy usage, set eco-goals, and even set up customized LED alerts that let you know when the water reaches your preset temp.

Hai’s smart showerhead has a stainless steel frame and since the hose is sleek and smooth, it doesn’t suffer from mold or limescale buildup. With seamless spray setting transitions and providing more coverage than the average showerhead, you could start having the best showers of your life.

I admit it, I was surprised by the last 2. Until I was introduced to them, I had never had an inkling those devices could be upgraded in such great ways. The hum by Colgate is something everyone in the family can benefit from and hai’s showerhead is definitely going on my Christmas list since we’ve been needing a new one anyway. So it’s perfect timing.

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