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Important Tips To Care For Your Car Properly

Is there stubborn dirt on the car? Are the windows scratched? Is the trunk packed with objects which have no business being there? At some point, every driver finds themself in a situation where they have to do something to prevent their favorite vehicle from being wasted. A car needs to be well cared for: this is the only way to ensure it looks good, runs well and retains its value over the long term. On that note, here are a few important tips and tricks for the right car care. 

Love Your Car 

Most importantly, you must love your car; otherwise, you likely won’t keep it for long or worry if it is in bad condition. You should try to maintain a good relationship with your mechanic. They are important companions for you and your car because, ideally, they already know the strengths and weaknesses of your car. This saves you time and money.

Regularly Change The Engine Oil

Change the engine oil and filter regularly — ideally around every 5,000 miles or per the manufacturer’s instructions. The engine oil lubricates and absorbs particles and combustion residues, resulting in a clean engine. The manufacturer also provides information on the right type of oil and viscosity. Only use one but opt for a high-quality motor oil brand. So, you can be sure that you can benefit from the consistent quality.

Have Spare Parts Handy

If you need spare parts, you can opt to use original parts from the manufacturer. Alternately, aftermarket parts are also available, many of which fit exactly into your vehicle and still have a quality guarantee. However, it always helps to use a trusted source when purchasing afterparts. For example, if you’re on the hunt for Subaru aftermarket parts, opt for the best option based on feedback and reviews.

Wash Your Car Regularly

By regularly washing your car, you can also see if it has scratches, dents, or other damage. When washing, start with a pre-wash using a high-pressure cleaner. Then rinse dirt from hidden corners, such as in the fender. If you use brushes, opt for very soft ones, otherwise scratches can occur. Rims can be easily cleaned with a special cleaner, a brush, and a cloth. 

Pro tip: Do not use a high-pressure cleaner to wash the engine. Electronic parts get wet and thus damaged.

Polish Your Car

Sunlight, insect remains, bird droppings, and salt in winter strain the paintwork of your car in everyday life. Therefore, it helps to polish the paint on your car twice a year after washing it. This way, your car enjoys the perfect protection against rust. 

Often forgotten but still important is caring for the plastic and chrome of your car. Above all, door and window seals should be checked regularly so that they remain tight and no water enters – you can use a rubber care product to make everything supple again. The chrome strips also deserve a treatment: you can regain their old shine with a polishing paste whilst protecting your car from rust.

Strictly Adhere To The Service Intervals

If your car is making strange noises or leaking fluids, you shouldn’t ignore them but take the car to your garage immediately. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of damage. By having your car regularly inspected according to the manufacturer’s instructions, damage can be detected early, and you can be safe on the road at all times.

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