Google reportedly Opening Its Own Retail Stores

According to some extremely reliable sources, Google is looking at launching their own ‘stand alone retail stores’ in the United States. It hopes to have the first Google stores open in metropolitan areas for the holidays.

Google logo 2012

Google Stores

The main objective behind the stores is to get their latest Nexus and Chrome devices into the hands of eager customers faster, easier and as reliably as possible. Google knows that many prospective customers would like hands-on experience with its devices before making the purchase. Google’s top competitors, Apple and Microsoft both have their own retail outlets across the country, where customers can easily try out the latest products and devices before buying them. So, Google’s move won’t be something new or unique, but it is what most customers want.

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Retails stores: More Sales, More Love

At the moment, Google has more than a hundred Chrome pop-up stores within Best buys across the U.S., and nearly 50 in the UK within PCWorld and Dixon’s. These stores have highly trained staff of Google employees, who regularly demonstrate the features of Chromebooks and are able to answer any questions that the customer might ask before buying the product. The new Google retail stores would have a much broader approach.

Google Stores vs Competition

As to our understanding, the new Google stores will operate individually and make direct sales to the consumers from the big G, just like the online Nexus store does. Google can also sell other stuff like apparel and company branded merchandise in the stores as well.

As far as we know, the decision for opening the retail stores emerged from the plans to take the Google glass to the public. The executives at Google thought that people would like to try out the Google glass first hand before purchasing, so a retail store for the product would be nice, and from there the decision to sell other Google products as well.

Google has already started hiring folks for developing its point of sales system. So, that’s quite a hint. Looks like Google understands that if it wants to dish out a new device category like the glass, it will have to go into retail to make it a success.

What do you think? Do retail stores play a part in a companies relations with its customers? Let us know.



  1. Avatar Mohseen Lala says:

    Yeah….about the whole Brick&Mortar thing, Andy Rubin said at Mobile World Congress yesterday “Google has no plans and we have nothing to announce”. Seems like Goog’s aren’t really open to physical stores yet.

    Could be a lie though, after all, they could be pulling a Sony on us.

    1. Yeah that’s possible but maybe he didn’t want to announce it yet. Although,a physical Play store would be so cool!

  2. Avatar James Olinda says:

    Working as a tech for Apple Retail, I can say confidently that retail stores connect with customers in a way that a purely online site cannot. I think Google would tackle the challenge of opening a retail store well, and I hope they do. Being able to have a go-to place for all things Google would be awesome 🙂

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