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Google+ Local Pulled from the iOS App Store

Google recently announced that it would pull its “Google+ Local for iOS” app from the iOS App Store by 7th August. With Google’s new Maps application for iOS arriving preloaded with features from Google+ Local, the search giant has decided to retire the app.



Google+ Local Pulled From iOS App Store

In a leaked email, Google pointed out that with Maps being available on all iOS devices, the Google+ local app was rendered useless. Beginning 7th August this year, it would be pulled from the app store. However, with still a week left to the deadline, the app seems to have disappeared already.

App stores for different regions are now missing the Google+ local app, with the standard message: “the item you’ve requested is not currently available in the store.”

The email from Google reads as follows:

Google+ Local app for iOS will be retired on August 7th


We’re emailing to announce that the Google+ Local app for iOS will be retired on August 7th, 2013.

The good news is that all features in the Google+ Local app are now available in Google Maps for Mobile on iOS devices:

• Search by categories of places, like “restaurants” or “coffee shops”

• Read place information, including written reviews, average price, address and Street View (where available)

• See what people in your Google+ circles have to say about their favorite places around the world

• Rate and review places you’ve been to

• Share places, locations and businesses you find

Learn more about Google Maps for iOS.

This means that after August 7th, you’ll no longer be able to access the Google+ Local app through your iOS device. Any reviews and ratings that you created will be available on your Google+ profile and in the Google Maps iOS app.

Thank you for using Google+ Local for iOS.


The Google Maps Team”

Users will lose access to Google+ Local after the deadline. However, any reviews and ratings of places and locations will be remain on their Google+ profile and will not be lost.

Google+ Local vs Maps

Google+ Local was an easy to use app which was easy on resource consumption. Maps on the other hand, is a diverse app with a lot of features built in. Navigating through its numerous features may be tougher than Google+ Local for the average user. However, the app had been losing audience for a long time now. According to a report, less than 0.75 percent iPhone users were actually using the app as of June 2013.

Maps on the other hand, remains a diverse app with a plethora of features built-in, including all of Local’s. According to the same report, the app was engaging 35% of US iPhone users in June.