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Google Glass Support on the Play Store?

Google Glass may soon get direct access to the Play Store. In the latest update to the web version of the Play Store by Google, Glass now seems to be listed as a compatible device for some apps.


Google Glass Gets Play Support?

Although it is not available for selection yet, the move clearly points to Glass involvement on the Play Store in the near future. The Play Store UI overhaul was announced at the Google I/O conference announced in May this year, and aims to have the web version of the store look the same as it is viewed on Android devices. The interface is now more card-based, and takes up your browser’s entire display to display more things at once.

As of now, to install Glassware (Glass apps) on the device, users need to access a different portal made for Glass. However, Play Store integration may now bring the product to the same place as other Android devices.

Even if (and when) Glass gets integrated with Play Store, it is unlikely that all apps available for Android devices would be compatible with Glass. There could be multiple issues – from the scope of the app to display compatibility.

Additionally, Android applications are “apk” files. Glass apps meanwhile, are something different. However, apk compatibility may well be on its way for Glass.

Google Glass, Google’s much-hyped augmented reality glasses, are set to roll out to consumers worldwide sometime next year. Right now, only an early Explorer edition has been dispatched to developers.

Looks like for now, Glass users will have to stick to the My Glass application to install Glassware on Glass.