Google Chromebook brings App Based Laptop

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Google plans to incorporate their power services into the Samsung built Chromebooks

Google has revolutionized the tech world with their cloud service in Google Drive, their leading search engine, and the most widely used email service in Gmail. Picture these uses at the touch of your fingertips in their new, affordable laptop computer.

If you are familiar with how the Chrome Web Store works and its layout, then you are familiar with how the Google Chrome OS will function. This Chrome OS will run apps of a growing Google network which includes all the web apps you can attach to your browser currently. HTML5 is the main language used to create apps since its recent inception, this includes both mobile and web applications. Hence, most apps that are available on your smartphone can and will be available not only on your browser, but the Chromebooks as well. Anywhere from games like Angry Birds to productivity apps like Evernote and Dropbox will be capable.

Google chrome book

What Comes with the Purchase?

Google is trying to achieve larger use of their cloud network by giving 100GB of free online storage with every Chromebook in all models. They also have automatic updates through their connected network. Security updates are taken care of each time a new version is created, and repairs are made if needed every time the system starts. The product is selling rather low for all the assets it offers, at just $249. For that low price you can enjoy the 11.6 inch screen surrounded by the Samsung hardware, which is just 0.7 inches thick.

With all the specs taken into account, the Chromebook is a computer for particular users. Those who bank on the use of Skype or Word may not work well with the laptop. Preferably for the younger generation who base their work on apps. But as the Chromebook family continues to develop, it may cater to a wider ranged audience. Either way this laptop is one for the cloud, which may lead the way for future devices.