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Zuckerberg and Gates Chime in on Viral Video

The new video (see below) uses many well-known faces to help familiarize the public with the cyber coding profession. The positions that are available in the field are plentiful, not to mention lucrative; but the way they are being portrayed is a bit flashy. I take that back, very flashy.

The viral video includes personalities in the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, and music artist of the Black Eyed Peas. Automatically your attention is grabbed, the message behind the video is admirable but the angle does deserve a little skepticism.

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Coder’s Perception

The coding profession seems to be undervalued by a large measure to the public. There are tons of unfilled coding jobs and these positions are becoming that much more important seeing that our world is growing more and more technological. Essentially is trying to change the perception of coders, and picking the richest ones to speak on the topic may be the most effective way. The job does require a level of education, which can have some strenuous classes at times, but the payoff is very rewarding. Their website actually offers online classes to try and spread the knowledge not commonly offered. The endgame is ideal as well, think of working for Facebook or Microsoft and how your coding would contribute to such a popular success.

Since the buzz is growing, bigger companies are starting to take better care of their money makers. Facebook instituted the hoodie dress code; Google is known as the #1 work environment for the past two years, treating their employees like royalty. What has become of the profession is revolutionary from where it began, and it is deemed desirable if people understood how the actual duties are changing.

The purpose behind the job is more important than ever in my eyes because our world revolves around apps and software almost.’s video has a purpose that is just as large. Take a peep at the video below; consider their message, who knows maybe you can become the next billionaire.