Google Chrome Reinvents Your Browser History as Journeys

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A large portion of people appreciate Google Chrome.  They will use Google Chrome, the browser, and the search engine, because of the benefits that it provides to them.

Do you use Google Chrome? Your browsing just got better. Google Chrome has completely revolutionized your search history. The new Google Chrome feature is meant to reinvent how you access your browsing history.

What is so great about these new changes? Let’s find out how it makes a difference in your browser experience.

What is your Journeys?

Google unleashed Journeys as an experimental feature in October 2021. The feature compiles the websites in your browser’s history and categorizes them topically.

Therefore, if you are searching for a topic on your Chrome browser, the Journeys feature will group all the websites you had previously visited. This grants you the assurance that you will be able to pick up from where you halted with your previous search.

That provides simplicity and overall value to those who like to keep their browsers clear with minimal tabs.

Recent Visits in the Previous Iteration

Previously, Google Chrome only could provide you with the list of websites you had recently visited as part of the search history. You can relate that it was challenging to navigate through your history with this scanty information.

Google noted in a blog post that Chrome users would access their search histories by typing the related phrases into the browser’s search bar then clicking on “Resume your search’.

Alternatively, you may easily navigate by visiting your Chrome History Journeys page to view the list of sites you had seen, then swiftly pick up from where you had reached with your search.

Don’t worry about the duration. Your history will be available, whether it was earlier in the day or some weeks ago.

Remember, you also have the option to delete the clusters of websites in your search history if you choose not to remember the sites you were deriving information from.

Multiple Ways to Use Journeys

You may use Journeys on your Chrome browser in two ways. The first way is quite simple. You may type the topic of interest into the search bar, then click “Resume your research”.

You may also access Journeys by clicking “History”, then “Show Full History”. After this, you will type the topic you want. You will see a list of websites pulled from your browser related to the topic you wish to and the date it was searched for. You will also access any other related searches under the grouped search history.

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