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Check Out More Yellowstone Shows from Paramount

ViacomCBS or Paramount has found significant success with its show, Yellowstone.

The show may have a strong following because of the fact that it incorporates themes like family, the past versus the present, new ideas versus old ideas, loyalty and a variety of other interesting concepts. It also has a great deal of strong characters that really give bring about some strong meaning to the show.

The fans have been in awe of the exceptional performances of the characters in the Dutton series. 

While it looks like Yellowstone has come to an end. It appears that this is merely the start for fans of the show and its style.

Paramount Shares Fantastic Yellowstone News

Paramount shared exciting news for its movie fans that the neo-western series which starred Kevin Costner will get its prequel series. The prequel series will be entitled 1883 in December for the year 2021. The finale of 1883 ought to be streamed in February.

However, this is not the end, it is far from it. As Paramount + announced more associated with this series. Tanya Giles announced that new episodes would be added soon. 

Apart from the 1883 prequel, another chapter has also been ordered with a new Taylor Sheridan project titled 1932.

The ViacomCBS president further explained that by 1932 they would be expanding Yellowstone. However, 1932 will reveal a new chapter of the lives of the Duttons. The unexpected thrill of Yellowstone is nowhere near the end, as a spinoff series was also announced in February 2021. This series was named 6666.


Yellowstone and 1883

The prequel, 1883, followed the footsteps of the ancestors James and Margaret Dutton. It explains how the ancestors embarked from Texas to Montana through the great plains. The cast of the series had famous personalities, including Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliot, and Eric Nelson. The first two episodes premiered on Paramount Network in the month of December in 2021.


6666 A Tale of the Four Sixes Ranch

The 6666 is a raw series that depicts the story of the ancestors in West Texas rather than Montana.

In addition to this, it is a collection of one of the oldest ranches in the country, comprising cattle ranches, horse training, and breeding facilities. Hence, the people will witness the real, gritty, and not so glamorous world of real-life cattle ranching. However, the cast is not finalized yet and will be announced soon.



The news 1932 streaming suddenly created a a bit of buzz as well. However, there are fewer details about what viewers and the audience will witness and what they should expect. However, ViacomCBS explained that it would feature a new generation of the Dutton family during the western expansion. The date of the premiere is not yet announced, and Paramount will relay the series. 

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