Gift Guide for the Geek in Your Life

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Buying gifts for others can be difficult, be it for a special occasion, or just to spoil that geeky someone in your life. Here’s a list of the neatest gifts, games, and gadgets available that might provide some much-needed inspiration.

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Board Games 

The world of tabletop gaming has come a long way in recent years. If the person you are looking to spoil is into this fun world of social gaming, then ask a few prying questions and try to get an idea of what franchise or game time most resonates with them. This will give you a direction to begin in. If you find yourself unsure of what to get or what may be appropriate, then speaking to the clerk at your local corner gaming store will reward you with a well-advised gift idea. Gear up for hours of entertainment with these sometimes complex, but usually engaging games.


Ask any fan, and they are likely to tell you that they have a favorite geeky branded item of clothing somewhere in their cupboard, or maybe even displayed up on their wall. Find out what one of their favorite franchises is and hone in on something that catches your eye. If you’re looking for something small but just as novel, have a gander at something like these geek out socks that include characters and depictions from many memorable series, movies, comics, or games.

Tiny Toolkits

Most geeks love to tinker, and many are into hardware and computers. Nothing is worse than being halfway through a repair or upgrade, only to realize that you don’t have the tools needed to complete the project. Little else could be more helpful than a concise toolkit assembled for what someone loves tinkering with the most. Places like Ifixit offer these highly specialized and customized toolkits, adapted for nearly anything you can imagine

Gaming Peripherals

Most geeks love to unwind with a bit of video gaming in their free time, so a gift that could amp up this experience would always go down successfully. Find out what their preferred mode of gaming would be, and look for a peripheral or two that could make their time in front of a screen easier or more enjoyable. Something simple like a headset for a console, or a mouse bungee for a PC would be perfect. If you have a lot more money to spend, then maybe consider changing their world and spoiling them with a virtual reality system made for whatever they play games most on.

3D Printers 

Imagine being able to make whatever trinkets or small objects you can imagine? With the advent of 3D printers, this is now a commercial reality. For a relatively low cost of entering the infinite world of 3D printing, you can now bestow the gift of being able to create to your heart’s content. From being able to print small things that help with your day-to-day quality of life, to life-saving medical equipment, 3D printers are changing the way humans tackle problems.

Whatever you may settle for, you’re sure to be appreciated for taking the time to learn a bit more about your gift recipient’s passions and hobbies. Be sure to have a camera ready to capture the joy on their faces when they see the effort you have gone through for them.

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