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Chargeasap Omega 200w GaN USB-C Charger

Chargeasap Omega boasts that it is the world’s first and smallest USB-C charger – and it is kicking butt on Kickstarter, raising over $1 million so far. 

More About the HYBRIDS World

These are NOT your typical super heroes…

There are no magic hammers or vats of toxic chemicals that produce these heroes.  The origin of HYBRIDS is rooted in several major religions. The book of Genesis talks about a monumental event in the 6th chapter when it recounts the “Sons of God” coming to Earth and finding the daughters of men to be attractive.  These attractions lead to unholy unions that produce a human/angel HYBRID called the Nephilim.

Stories of the Nephilim predate the Greek Gods by several hundred years. Many scholars believe that the stories of Zeus and the other gods are exaggerations of true stories about these Nephilim. What if the accounts are true? What if the Nephilim traits have remained dormant from generation to generation only to be awakened? 

In HYBRIDS, as these individuals develop their fantastical powers, they are disappearing just as quickly.

Who is taking them and what is their fate?

This 128-page graphic novel is currently on IndieGoGo but Geek Insider wants to SUPER CHARGE this campaign with a chance to win the Chargeasap Omega 200w GaN USB-C Charger

There are ONLY 30 opportunities for winning the charger



Hybrids the sons of gods, luke stone, geek insider, chargeasap omega, contest, crowdfunding, indiegogo

Support the HYBRIDS campaign using the (not-so-secret) SUPER SECRET LINK

This $50 USD secret tier includes:

  • 128-page Caanan White variant cover
  • Bookmark
  • Silicone HYBRIDS bracelet
  • HYBRIDS branded phone grip
  • FREE shipping

REMEMBER: There are only 30 available entries at this tier for your chance to win the Chargeasap Omega Charger. This contest ends on October 17, 2020 at midnight PST – or when all 30 entries are taken – whichever comes first. Geek Insider will ship the charger at no extra charge upon notice from Luke Stone that campaign funds have cleared. Retails at $149 USD. The featured image may not reflect the actual charger.

Geek Speak

It’s always great to connect with indie creators and we had a black on GEEK SPEAK with Luke Stone, Dan Davis, and Mark Darden. Be sure to hit the subscribe button on our YouTube channel and share it out with your friends so we can continue to bring you great content and interviews. 

If you love indie comics, visit these other campaigns to see what they are creating.


Mark Darden offers a bawdy good series that’s a throwback to 90s comedy. We know what guano means and this super hero might be that crazy. If you love dark humor, sarcasm, witty lampooning and GLORIOUS failure, you’ll check out the GUANO GUY. The whole series is available through Kickstarter.


Dan Davis is InDemand on IndieGoGo where he brings All Luck Comics Adventure #1 – #2 Retrostyle Action! This is an ongoing anthology comic with a distinct retro style. The variety of new characters and adventures will thrill you. Davis’s titles include: Spy 66, Captain Luck, and Blast Carson on Mars: 1,000,000 B.C. 


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