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Get 10,000 Courses for $10 Each on Udemy!

There is nothing more powerful than education! People find many ways to invest in their education, from taking certification courses to going to college and everything in between. What if you want to learn photoshop, though? How about Web development? There are classes available for that in college, but paying $200 per credit hour just to learn how to learn how to air brush a little muscle definition is not ideal for most people. What if you could learn all of that, and more, for just $10? Udemy says you can.

For those unaware, Udemy is a website that specializes in providing online courses by leading educators for everyone. Some of their classes can cost a bit, but they often have wonderful courses at prices you can’t beat! That happens to be the case now. At this moment, you can get courses in an array of things for just $10 each. In the email, there’s a course that teaches you how to make games using Unity 5, another one that teaches you web development, one that teaches you photoshop, and so much more!

I am a Udemy user, and purchased almost a $1000 in courses for ~$15 from a donation special they had. Now, I have Java, Xcode, Web development training, etc. all at my disposal, and they are available for the rest of my life! As with anything, information will evolve, but if your foundation is solid, learning the new tricks of the trade will come easy. Bill Gates received his education decades ago, but that doesn’t discount his knowledge of code now, which is why Windows is still the most widely adopted and used operating system to this day.

Why is this a great thing to invest in? Quite simply, the internet is such a powerhouse that people no longer need to spend thousands in education in order to learn a skill. There are hundreds of thousands of tutorials and guides online that teach you everything from a second language to coding and everything in between. If you have ever wanted to build apps, I’m sure that there are Java and Objective C courses by the dozen in this deal. If your teenager has shown interest in something that requires training like this, this is a great way to get them the training without having to break the bank. Even better, if you are a bit rusty on the industry standards for a particular skill set and want some refresher courses, you can use it for that, too.

There’s no time like the present, and Udemy wants to relay that message with this. It offers you the ability to hone old skills, learn new ones, and invest in yourself and your future. This deal is a short one, only lasting through March 11th, so you have to hurry! The content variety is vast, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn something new! So, if you are interested, follow the link below to take advantage of the deal.

10k For $10 Each Deal | Udemy

Are you a Udemy user. If not, do you plan on being one after seeing this deal? Let Geek Insider know in the comments below.

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