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General RAAM and Mira May Be Coming to ‘Killer Instinct’

by Ameera McLendon
Killer Instinct, General RAAM, Gears of War, Killer Instinct Season 3, Mira

Killer instinct, general raam, gears of war, killer instinct season 3, mira

Halo character Arbiter, Rash from Battletoads, and Mira will also be coming to Killer Instinct according to new character reveals. Shoryuken has provided images from an in-development version of the Xbox One fight game that shows Gears of War bad guy General RAAM being added.

Mira is a new arrival to the Killer Instinct family. She was first introduced in the Xbox One extended story as Maya’s twin sister. Mira’s death is still a mystery during the extended story, the details provided is that Mira sacrificed herself to save Maya.

Killer Instinct Central has this to say about it, “While tracking down an age-old evil in vaults deep within the Siberian Mountains, Mira was forced to sacrifice herself to save her sister. In the days and years that followed Maya’s recovery from that mission, she became increasingly enraged at her failure to protect her beloved sister, resulting in poorly executed missions that exposed her and the Guard to the public.”


Additional Leaks

Killer instinct, general raam, gears of war, killer instinct season 3, mira

General RAAM’s moves have not been mentioned but we have a few guesses about the possibilities. The central bad guy in the first Gears of War uses a serrated sword, pistol, and grenades. Reportedly, General RAAM will be released to Killer Instinct for the games third season.

Additional details for this season has three leaks which includes the existence of a new Shadow Lords mode, which shows an incorporated global war scenario. Eight characters will be coming to Killer Instinct with the Season 3 updates. This includes Kim Wu, Rash, Arbiter, and Tusk. Four characters will be released later, and General RAAM and Mira may be two of them.

Killer Instinct Season 3 is scheduled to launch for Xbox One and PC on March 29.


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