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Geek Decor: Beyond the Financial Frontier

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You’re finally in a position to decorate your geek dream home. You want to take it further than a couple of TARDIS bookends and a string of TIE fighter lights. You have the space and you have the ideas. The only thing holding you back is money. Unfortunately, boldly going where no decorator has gone before isn’t always cheap. Here are a few financing options that could help put you in the captain’s chair.

Conventional credit cards

Taking out a credit card just to fund your ideal geek decorating project might seem risky – but today’s credit card options can be very attractive, according data published by Moneybanker. If you shop around and make smart choices regarding the product you select, a credit card could work out very well. Consider a cashback card or one that comes with rewards – if you pick one that gives you cash or other rewards for shopping at the store where you plan to buy your decorating supplies, you could cut your overall costs significantly.

Personal bank loans

Many banks are happy to offer personal loans for home improvements. These tend to cost less than some other forms of credit and are very convenient. While you might not want to come straight out and admit to your bank manager that you’re borrowing money to turn your living room into the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, you should be accurate about the general purpose of the loan.

Credit union loans

Credit union loans are highly competitive and are fairly easy to obtain. You will need to join the credit union initially, but just like the Federation, almost everyone is likely to be accepted as long as they meet certain criteria. You may face more detailed inquiries into your circumstances than a loan from a bank.

Personal online loans

These days, it’s very easy to find a suitable loan online. Specialist loan finder sites allow you to search for the most attractive option based on your needs and your income. It’s a simple way to get the finance you need at warp speed.

Spread your spending

You don’t have to do everything at once. If your dream geek den needs infinity mirrors in every room, twinkling fiber-optic flooring in the bathroom and a self-opening door to the kitchen, the total amount you’d need to borrow might be beyond even a Ferengi’s capabilities. Instead, pick one project and take out a loan for that. Pay it off over the next few months, then take out another loan for the next stage. Having past loans paid off will also boost your credit score.

With any form of credit, you need to shop around and make certain that you know how much your loan will cost. Consider your financial situation carefully before you sign on the dotted line. Even the most out-of-this-world decor isn’t worth ruining your credit score.

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