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Foundmi – The Mini-Hero For You

by Pamela McMillan

I can’t count the many times I’ve forgotten my phone at someone else’s house or lost it in between the couch cushions (what’s down there? A black hole hungry for my phone?!) It’s always pathetic to feel that moment of rising panic when you can’t remember when you’ve last seen it – my phone is my social media lifeline, bastion of embarrassing selfies, and the only way to easily take pictures of my chinchillas – not to mention how expensive it would be to have to replace it.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I got this:

I’ve “Foundmi” an Amazing New Buddy

To put it simply, Foundmi is a Bluetooth tracking device in the shape of loveable heroes. I received the Harley Quinn Foundmi (design and style based on her outfit in DC’s Rebirth line of comics) just today. It’s small, it’s thin, and it’s cute. The little lady came with a battery and key-ring so she was ready to go in a jiffy (after I heartily cursed having clipped my nails earlier. I don’t know how guys handle key-rings without some length of nail.)

Using the device is simple:

  1. Pop open the back, stick in the provided battery
  2. Download the app for free – available on the App Store and Google Play
  3. Follow the easy instructions to create an account and pair your buddy
  4. Attach your Foundmi to anything you want – whether it be your phone, luggage, bike, or bag
  5. Viola! You’re done!

Your Foundmi’s Features

Having followed the steps above, your little hero can now save your day. When in Bluetooth range, you can ring your Foundmi using the “find it” function on the app. Your hero will let out a loud tone so you can locate it fast.

Lost your phone? No big deal, you can ring your phone by double-clicking on the Foundmi’s button (the hammer head for Mini-Harley here.)

Your Foundmi app also has a map view to help you locate your missing item. With its tracking ability, the app records the last time and place it was connected to your Foundmi hero.

If your tagged item leaves Bluetooth range, the Foundmi app will record the last time and place it was in contact. That means you’ll be able to view that location on a map and see the nearest known address for easy reference.

New and Improved Heroes!

Foundmi has had tracking heroes out before but have just introduced their newest version with 32 new designs as well. These new heroes now have an enhanced tracking capability, better battery life, and a slimmer/lighter design. The designs also boast a larger range of characters across the DC and Star Wars universes.

These amazing mini-heroes come with a newly revamped app with simplified navigation, smoother animations, and better background reliability so your hero is always there when you need them the most.

With a shell that’s 10% smaller than the original version, these heroes are 25% lighter and won’t weigh down whatever item you decide needs protecting. Updated BLE technology has made pairing and maintaining a connection to the app even easier while the speaker has been made louder so you’ll be able to hear it ring no matter how deep it is inside that couch of yours. On top of all this, its battery life has been greatly improved. Even better? The app can now track your battery life so you know exactly when to replace it.

Batman and the other Foundmis also want to help you with your selfie game. Your hero can be used as a remote selfie shutter using the “selfie mode” in the app, just click on the hero’s button and snap away!

But one of the best features? Your Foundmi hero has full Alexa integration so you can use voice commands to find your phone and Foundmis. Just ask Alexa to find your hero by name. I kid you not. All you have to say is; “Alexa, ask Foundmi to find Harley Quinn.” Ridiculously awesome!

The Cherry on Top

I know this all sounds amazing, but there’s more. Foundmi will be at the Lucas Booth at the San Diego Comic Con this year. That’s means you can grab yourself one of these amazing heroes, and the first 400 to purchase one will also get an exclusive Comic Con 2017 Foundmi hat!

Unable to get to the SDCC? Don’t worry, these little guys will be available at retailers and on foundmi.com on July 15th so you don’t have long to wait!

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