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Fuzzy Brings Telehealth for Your Pets

Fido, Peaches, or Buster. We may have different names for our pets, but the feelings that they give us tend to be the same.

They bring great joy to our lives.

Indeed, our pets are one of the best things in our lives.

Some of us may even go as far sleeping alongside them as they may be attached at the hip to us. Yes, it is certain that we tend to spend a large portion of our time with them. Our pets do so much for us, the least that we can do is watch out for them and provide them with the best care possible.

Fuzzy can help you do just that! You no longer have to wait to get an appointment with your vet or try to decide for yourself if something is serious. With 24/7 live chats, help is quite literally just a click away.

Fuzzy is an interesting product because it focuses on quality care for your pets without having to leave your home. This is an obvious idea, if telehealth is growing as a general industry, it would have to spill over to pets as well, right?

The founders of Fuzzy have already seen over 10,000 consultations take place over the platform and it looks like it will grow further over time.


Low Cost Care for Your Pets

We will stop at nothing to care for our pets, but repeated visits to the emergency veterinarian can add up. Why go through unnecessary effort when you can just as easily get an answer from a professional?

Fuzzy’s staff is best able to assist with the care of dogs and cats, and can only provide minimal amounts of advice on exotic pets. The folks at Fuzzy are so great that if you need help finding a vet clinic for your exotic pet, they will help you find one!

The staff wants to work with you to help take care of your pet, so they will get to know both you and your pet. As they have more information and work with you regularly, they can tailor specific services for your pet.

Fuzzy offers:

  • Verified Vets
  • Convenient Care
  • Pet-Focused Plans 


You can reach out for help with Fuzzy 24 hours a day and seven days a week, all from the comfort of your home.


Have A Professional To Turn To When You Need One For Your Pet

Rest assured with Fuzzy you have someone to turn to should you have concerns about your best friend.  Not only are the professionals at Fuzzy trustworthy, but they care equally about your pet as you do. A large portion of the staff have pets of their own and the company is founded by pet owners, so chances are they have experienced the same thing that you are with your pet. With the ability to contact a vet through their app or their website, there is no excuse for not getting Fuzzy today!

For a limited time, Fuzzy is offering a 7-day trial if you sign up

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