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Unusual Online Games for Geeks

While playing online games is now a ubiquitous entertainment activity all around the world, some games have a niche appeal. Yet there are some games out there that are hidden gems and once uncovered, reveal a community of enthusiasts that has a genuine love for a creation that more orthodox gamers might not understand. These are some jewels that might become your next favorite.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, unusual online games for geeks, gaming


This one started as an entertaining hybrid of two classic online casino games. It proved to be so successful that it’s now an established game for many online casinos and boasts a burgeoning fan base. Slingo bingo games, like Book of Slingo and Slingo Starburst, are an amalgamation of bingo and slots that involve spinning the reels to generate numbers that hopefully appear in your grid. Particular symbols can appear on the reels and award you certain bonuses and instant rewards.

Most gamblers will still flock to the poker or blackjack lobby at online casinos, but Slingo has devoted fans and the game developers are producing some amusing titles for them.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, unusual online games for geeks, gaming


A blast from the past for many and a game that offers next to nothing, but many have spent hours on. A large dull rectangular box with methodically arranged squares that you can click or tap to reveal intriguing numbers or mines. The numbers told you the proximity of mines that, if revealed, would end your game.

It’s a game that requires analytical skill to make the highest probability guesses, but ultimately you’re still just guessing. Or are you? There are some people filled with excessive and single-minded minesweeper zeal that claim to know the secret formula for getting a clean sweep every time. If you have an urge to play minesweeper there are leaderboards for many categories and lots of events, quests, and a community of sweepers.


This international massively multiplayer strategy game has been running since 2001 and incorporates construction, trading, spying, and building alliances to conquer other planets. There are no fancy graphics here, but the game is huge.

After being provided with a single planet, you develop your civilization, military, and production capabilities. Once established, you’ll need to enter trade negotiations with other planets/players and acquire new technologies. Then you’ll want to forge military alliances and infiltrate other planets through spy networks to discover if there’s a location ripe for attack or mutually beneficial for trade.

There’s plenty more resource management and diplomacy to get your teeth into, and the wars last for ages. Hyperiums is a real time game, but that doesn’t make it too intrusive and the allies made in the game seem to often become friends outside it.

These are three out-of-the-ordinary online games that could become your next fascination, but honorable mentions to Cypher, a frustratingly compelling series of HTML riddles and Python Challenge, which comprises many challenging levels that can be solved with a little (Python) programming.




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