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Free Data Recovery Software Review – 2019

Oftentimes, the owners of personal computers and laptops go crazy when they lose their data. Heaps of information gets lost due to human error, malicious attacks, and some system errors. In most cases, people accidentally delete some important files and aren’t able to get them back. Accordingly, software developers created a special tool. It’s data recovery software. It helps to fully recover all the lost files that were kept in the storage of your device. They can likewise restore deleted or corrupted data.

We have investigated this matter. Our specialists carried research and analyzed various options. We can offer you a review of the best data recovery software for the year 2019. Mind that our list includes free of charge variants. These are as follows:

    1. Disk Drill
    2. Recuva
    3. TestDisk
    4. Stellar Data Recovery
    5. Undelete 360

Software #1: Disk Drill

Let’s begin our guide with Disk Drill review. It’s a user-friendly tool, which will be welcomed by the newbies. It’s easy to navigate through the software. It doesn’t contain too many complex features and functions. Disk Drill scans the entire space on your device and deals out internal and external hard drives, memory cards, music players, USB drives, etc. It takes care of multiple file systems and is supported by many platforms.

In general, Disk Drill:

  • Ensures full data recovery
  • Restores data from different information storages
  • Is supported by various platforms
  • Recovers documents, pictures, videos, music, and other files
  • Is quick and simple to manage
  • Offers multiple scan options

It’s one of the rare cases when you can fully depend on the recovery software. It successfully restores merely all kinds of files without mistakes.

Software #2: Recuva

The next tool out of our list of the best file recovery software is called Recuva. It is one of the top tools of its kind. It can easily recover DVD, CD, memory cards. It likewise successfully restores external drives. One of the best features is the possibility to recover hard drive and photo files. Similar software is not able to fully restore that kind of data. This product easily and quickly seeks the needed files that were deleted and returns them to their initial storage. Unfortunately, there is no Recuva for Mac, but in this article you can find it’s best alternatives.

This software provides the following benefits:

  • Progressive recovery of various file types
  • Deep mode of scanning
  • Safe and dependable overwrite function
  • Full and unmistakable recovery of recently formatted or damaged data
  • Usable interface
  • A preview option
  • Compatibility with FAT and NTFS
  • Supported by many sought-after platforms

Software #3: TestDisk

It’s another good variant for the newcomers, as well as for the experienced users. There is nothing complicated about navigating through this recovery software. It can fix even non-booting disks and lost partitions. The major advantages of TestDisk are listed here:

  • The full rebuilding of the boot sectors
  • Fixing and/or recovery of partitions
  • Successful collaboration with multiple file systems
  • Easy manageable
  • Intuitive interface

Software #4: Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is the next on our list of the best hard drive recovery software. It’s a great invention that runs perfectly for the sought-after OS. It is perfect for recovery of the hard drive, USB drives, and photo files. The main features are as follows:

Safe and reliable file recovery;
Restores data from memory cards, disks, smartphones, etc.;
Quick drive file recovery;
Suitable for inexperienced and advanced users;
A preview option;

Of course, it easily runs on multiple popular operating systems.

Software #5: Undelete 360

Another great option is to implement and use Undelete 360. It’s an advanced and flexible option. This software is easy to manage. It fulfills various functions and ensures a dependable recovery of different files. Make allowances for the following features:

  • Is compatible with different devices
  • Wipes unnecessary files
  • Full file recovery or rebuilt
  • Easily restores deleted and damaged photo files of all formats
  • Restores various documents, audio and video files, etc.
  • Doesn’t require much memory
  • Fully customizable
  • Smart and logical interface

These were the best 5 information recovery products. Don’t forget that these variants can be quickly installed and used for free. Accordingly, every user has a possibility to recover all types of data without any errors. These tools smoothly run on the most popular operating systems. They are likewise compatible with different file systems.

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