Ben Q’s Nifty New ScreenBar Lite E-Reading Lamp

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Human Technology and Solutions provider BenQ has just introduced its newest e-reading lamp the Screenbar Lite. The Screenbar Lite is extremely light and very easy to transport. If you are constantly on the go with your laptop device then the BenQ Screenbar Lite might just be the perfect lamp for you.

This innovatively designed lamp has a clip which snaps onto the top of standard sized laptops like a clothes pin and has a short power cord which plugs into your computer’s USB port. The lamp also comes with a plastic case which makes packing and unpacking your work station a breeze. The clip is adjustable by a radius of 85 degrees which allows you to project light over your screen without a glare as well as onto your keyboard and your work desk space.

On the back of the lamp are seven buttons and a light sensor. The buttons control power, brightness and color temperature.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, ben q’s nifty new screenbar lite e-reading lamp, reviews

The “my favorite” button allows users to save their preferred light settings. Once you have set your Screenbar Lite light the way you like it, all you must do is hold down the button for three seconds and you’re all set. Color temperature can be adjusted from cool to warm, the cooler light is ideal while working and the warmer light is best used while relaxing.  BenQ’s purpose in designing this lamp was to help prevent eye strain and make reading easier which the Screenbar Lite does quite well. The Screenbar Lite also makes watching movies better as there is never any glare produced by the lamp since the light is cast down in front of and not onto your computer screen.

BenQ has also created an app which can be used to adjust color temperature and brightness. Currently Screenbar Lite has a list price of $99.00 on Amazon. If you work long hours on your laptop or just want to be good to your eyes, you may want to pick one up.  If you’d like to learn more about this great new product, visit BenQ’s website.

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