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Five Netflix Titles to Watch Before You Die

Netflix is an exceptional streaming platform with thousands of hours of quality content to stream. The service is now available in almost 190 countries around the world and has become a fan favorite, for all the right reasons. Whether it’s the boring weekend or a restless night after working untiringly, Netflix, with its amazingly broad variety and quality of content, serves its users many pleasant moments of entertainment.

If you are a Netflix fan, here are the five must watch movies that you should watch before you die!

Annihilation – (2018)

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, five netflix titles to watch before you die, entertainment

Annihilation is an amazingly exciting and powerful thriller by Netflix released in 2018. The movie is a high-class combination of mystery and thrill, written and directed by Alex Garland. It revolves around four female scientists and a paramedic who are up to something super mysterious and thrilling. Give it a watch and you’ll end up falling in love with it!

Hold the Dark – (2018)

Hold the dark

Do you love adventure? Hold the Dark was released in 2018 and is something every adventure junkie has to watch. It is a thriller with a lot of adventure, based on a novel by the same name. The novel was written by Macon Blair and the movie is directed with perfection and detailing by Jeremy Saulnier. It’s an adventurous, emotional, and captivating story which revolves around a mother trying to find the murderers of her son.

A Christmas Prince – (2017)

A christmas prince, netflix

A sweet amalgamation of romance and comedy with a hint of learnings hidden inside, A Christmas Prince was released in 2017. This movie is a perfect, light, and lovely write-up from Karen Schaler, and directed by Alex Zamm. It is more like a fairytale pictured around and within the breathtaking views of mountains, horses, and Christmas balls. The script is about a young and smart journalist out on the hunt for a scoop where she falls in love with a future King.

Okja – (2017)

Okja, netflix

Bong and John Ronson, the writers of Okja, have scripted the story in an amazingly emotional manner. With the in-depth and detailed perfection of its direction by Bong Joon ho, this Netflix movie has become a powerful and impressive display of the science fact they’ve tried to convey. Its story captivates the audience with heart and soul through rightly reflecting the emotions of a young girl who’s forsaking all her precious strength and things to save her best friend, Okja from people trying to capture and imprison her.

Tramps – (2017)

Tramps, netflix

Tired of working full-time and worried about the remaining stacks of work? Lighten the burden from your shoulders and put your nerves at ease by watching a miraculous treat known as Tramps, a perfect blend of comedy and romance. A pair of criminals get their bags exchanged and in the ultimate desire of getting their bags back before being caught, they fall for each other. This movie is the perfect display of efficient direction and thoughtful yet very delicate writing by Adam Leon and will make you laugh with tears even on the worst of days.

Want to share some of your favorite Netflix titles? Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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