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6 Best Apps for Android Security

Your smart phone’s data is the most valuable asset you have. You can never afford to lose it or give access to some unauthorized people. Losing your data is one of the biggest fears of everyone. Therefore, keeping a smartphone secure is very important. As the devices get smarter, the hackers and cybercriminals have also become sharper. They try to breach the security of the phone by any means. Sometimes they track cell phone location to spy on the user. While sometimes, they send malware software in the user’s device for monitoring the user’s activities. Most of the breaches occur due to the internet.

The internet is not safe for the devices which are connected to it. Due to the increased use of the internet, the security of the Android devices is at high risk. Many third-party apps have been launched to increase the security of Android devices. Here we have enlisted top 5 apps which are used for protecting the apps.

1. Avast mobile security:

Avast security app is the best app which provides protection to the Android these days. The Android is protected against the viruses and many other threats through this app.
Avast is an active device protector that everyone must keep in the phone. It actually alerts the user whenever spyware or adware tries to access the device. This software is highly efficient that effectively detects the malware and removes it with the user’s consent.

2. Applock:

With the use of Applock, you can lock your individual apps in order to protect them from intruders. Through this app, the user can put a PIN or a password to access the app. Even if the phone is accessed by the hacker, the apps containing the data will remain safe due to Applock. It should be kept in mind that the Applock locks only apps. If you want to lock your phone, use the phone’s locking system

3. Lookout:

Lookout is another security app that is not only used by Android users but also the iPhone users. The main objective of this app is preventing the phone from downloading viruses into the phone. This app scans the data of the phone in order to find the virus in the data. Once the data is located, it alerts the user about it. Using Lookout, the user can predict about the potential threats, and they can take necessary steps to keep the phone protected from those threats.

There are many anti-theft features provided by Lookout. It has the ability to back up all your phone’s data on a secure server so that you can recover it easily. It also keeps track of the location of the phone after it is stolen.

4. 360 Security:

360 Security is another data security app that works in a slightly different way. It actually boosts the performance of the phone by eliminating the duplicate files in order to free up space. In this way, your phone gets a speedup. When the performance of the phone is boosted, it becomes capable of scanning the viruses and removing them.

5. Find my device:

Through the use of Find my Device app, you can put a lock on your phone remotely. You can also remotely delete the data of the phone in case it is stolen or lost. In this way, it will be out of the reach of everyone.

The functions of Find my device are also performed by Google also, which is simpler and easy to set up. All you need to do is log in to your Google account from any other device and then wipe the data remotely.

6. AdLock

When AdLock is on, ads are off. This means that you’ll enjoy fast internet and apps without pop-ups and banners! AdLock was specially designed for Android and it will block ads throughout your device on any app that has internet access. AdLock also checks for potentially harmful links, hides your data, and traces spyware and bugs. If you use an Android phone, you should really have AdLock.


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