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Fan Fiction: The Madness That Binds Us–Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

“Rey’s Entrance”

Her hair falls around me in a sky of ribbons. The breaths she takes are in sync with mine, our hearts beating in rhythm. I stroke her jaw with my fingers and cup her face in my hands. My mouth moves along her skin. I whisper to her. “I’ll be there when you face your doubts. I’ll take the darkness away, even if the darkness swallows me whole instead.”


I snap back to reality. My fantasies can wait. She’s here. She’s now a reality I am going to face at last.

“Sorry, what did you ask?” I say to the storm trooper awaiting my reply.

“The unidentified escape pod just landed. Should we restrain its passenger?”

The blood drains from my face, washing it cold. “No!” I say, a little too urgently. “Um, I will see to it myself. I think I know who is inside.” Straightening my back to look more composed, I rush to attend to our intruder.

My heart is wedged into my throat, but still it thumps on, unwilling to give up and slow down to a normal pace. As I race through hallways, elevators, and pass window upon window, all I can see is her face, and the way she looked at me when we touched. Finally, I make it. There it is. A tiny escape pod just barely big enough to conceal her slight frame. Slight but strong. She is so the strongest warrior I have ever seen.

I make my way to the escape pod and am almost there when it starts to open. My heart is back in my chest but banging against it with fury. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what to do. I—

There she is.

I get there just before metal peels away to reveal her hair, her forehead, and finally, her. Tears well into my eyes, and I want to reach out to touch her like we did before. If such a strong spark coursed through us when we touched through the Force, how would touching her feel as we stand together in the flesh? My mouth pulls upward. I break out into a smile as her eyes find mine. Finally, she is looking at me in person. We are here together. If only all these guards and storm troopers would vanish. There would only be us. Just the way it should be—us together.

Her eyes light up, I can see the joy pouring out of her at the sight of me too. I never knew it was possible for someone to look at me like that. For the smallest moment, my heart stops thumping. It stands perfectly still, and in that moment, it really is just us.

I lift up my hand to reach out to her, but the guards get to her first. I keep up my ruse and order them to restrain her, but I let them know that I will deliver her to Snoke, and I alone. They mutter to one another as I lead Rey to the elevators. I can feel the tension between us—the thick cloud of desire and mystery. I’m sure she can feel, as I do, the wave of unspoken words bursting at the seams, ready to fall from our mouths and enter each other’s ears. She is close behind me, and I wish I could just swoop her up and take her from this place. But I can’t.

We enter the elevator, side by side, and completely alone. I stare straight ahead as the doors close, leaving us in a world all our own.


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