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Fan Fiction: The Madness That Binds Us – Chapter Two

Chapter 2

“Return of Kylo Ren”


“What do you want?” I spit.

“Why is the force connecting us like this?” He asks as soon as he comes into focus.

My heart bangs against my chest. “I-I don’t know…” I rack my brain to figure out why this could possibly be happening. I know how—through the Force—but why?

He looks at me, his eyes studying every line on my face.

“What?” I ask, still angry but now trying to avoid his gaze and brush off whatever is on my face.

“Nothing,” he says, “It’s just so strange how I can see you. I wonder why…” he reaches out slowly and tries to touch me.

“What are you doing?” I ask, taking hold of the blaster at my side.

“I’m just trying to figure out how real this is.” He looks at me with stern eyes, analyzing everything with a single stare. “I can’t see where you are. Where are you?”

“Why would I ever tell you that?”

“Well, I know you are with Luke Skywalker.”

“Yes, I already won. I have him, and we will bring the First Order down.”

“Are you sure about that?”

I blink and open my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. Kylo looks at me and moves closer.

I feel my blood boiling beneath my skin. Who does he think he is? He talks to me like he has no shame at all in who he is—in what he is. A monster.

He killed his father without a second thought and still goes on like it was nothing.

“You’re a monster!” I shout. My face grows hot and I feel a tightening in my chest.

His eyes follow my every expression. Completely collected, he looks me up and down. I can’t stop myself from seething between gritted teeth.

“I know,” he says simply. My head jerks back. I blink as a dumbfounded expression washes over me.

He looks down at his hands and then meets my eyes. His face remains static, but not expressionless. I can see something in his eyes. Something I never expected to see. Something I remember seeing that night in the forest…something undoubtedly human.

I snap out of it, shaking my head and remembering where I am and who I’m talking to.

“You killed your father,” I say, my voice cracking as tears fight to trickle down my reddened cheeks. “He cared about you. Why did you do it?”

Kylo looks at me. Really looks at me—the way people look at someone when they are searching for something.

“The past needed to die.” His face looked contorted, and his voice was forced, as if he had been rehearsing those words over and over.

“You’re vile!”

“Am I?” he asks, his eyebrows furrowing. His raven hair stringing across his neck, as dark as night.

“Of course.” I whisper, tasting a salty droplet that escaped from my eye and dripped down my face.

Kylo looks off, his gloved fingers fumbling together. His head bobs slowly and then more quickly as he makes a face and says, matter-of-factly,” Yeah. I am everything you say I am.”

I shake my head. What is he saying? Why is he agreeing with me? “What is your problem? Why are you saying these things to me? Why do you lie—”

“I’m not lying,” he growls, stepping towards me. A rush of air dries my skin as he comes closer. I can almost feel him with me. The force between us pulls us in like giant magnets, as strong and loud as lightning and thunder.

“Where is Luke Skywalker?”

“Why would I ever tell you?” Anger rises in me once again, but this time a torrent of confused feelings are battling beneath the surface.

Kylo whips his arm up and reaches to me with his gloved hand.

“Bring me Luke Skywalker,” he commands. I feel a rush I recognize. It tries to burrow into my mind. I fight back with that same force. I push it out.

“Never,” I say.

Kylo puts his hand down. For a moment, all is still. Kylo looks at me like one would an old friend. I feel myself more confused than ever as I look back at him.

Time stops between that strong thunderous force connecting us, and all there is in the world is Kylo Ren and me. Studying each other in silence and in strength. Then he parts his lips to speak.

“Has he told you?” he asks.

I wipe my face with the front and back of my hand and then cross my arms tightly, trying not to show my interest.

“Told me what?” I ask, coolly.

“He hasn’t,” he says softly, “Figures.”

“What are you talking about?” I command.

“Ask him. I’m sure he would just love to tell you.”

“I will!” My arms push themselves down by my side, fists forming.

“Oh good,” he says, walking towards me. His face is so close to mine now, I can almost taste his breath as he whispers, “Until next time, then. I eagerly await your thoughts.”

My back straightens as I look directly up at his peering gaze.

“Yes, you surely will hear my thoughts.”

“Oh good,” he says, “I can’t wait.” He whispers each word slowly, his lips slowly breathing out each syllable.

I swallow. My throat sticks on whatever response I had next.

A man’s voice booms behind me. I swivel back and see Luke heading towards the huts. I look back to where Kylo had just been standing so close to me.

He was gone.

I blink and gather myself. What was he talking about? I think to myself. I look to Luke. Well, whatever it was, I’m going to find out.


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Disclaimer: We do not own any of these characters, events, or places in this story; it is the property of Disney and Lucas Film, as are any images used. 


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