Eye-Fi: The SDHC Card With a Built-In Wireless Network

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So you have all your photos taken and now have a simple request: to get them from your camera to you phone. You put the SD card into your computer and export the photos to your hard drive. Now you must plug in your phone or tablet and import the photos, then you are free to share them through your preferred social media. Wouldn’t it be nice if this process was limited to fewer steps? How about only one?


Eye-Fi Mobi 8GB SDHC Class 10 Wireless Memory Card

Eye-Fi has the same appearance as your typical SDHC card, but it has a little trick up its sleeve. With 8GB of space, it can store up to 4000 photos and three hours of video, depending on your camera. Here’s where it gets fancy: using its own wireless network, Eye-Fi can sync with your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android, and there is no need for plugs or cables; you won’t even need to take it out of the camera. Your mobile device simply connects with the card’s wireless network, and then the photos go straight to your camera roll by using the Eye-Fi app.

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh great, so since it runs on a wireless network, everyone near me with a mobile device will be able to nab my photos.” No need to worry, Eye-Fi has two ways of securing your photos. First of all, the app requires that you use the code on the back of the card’s case in order to sign in. The WiFi network is also encrypted with WPA2 security along with a unique password.

Eye-Fi is compatible with any camera that supports SDHC cards–so pretty much anything that was created after 2008. If you are a bit skeptical on whether it will work with your camera, you can check the compatibility on their website.