Disney is Growing Faster than Netflix Ever Did

Disney+ Subscriber Base Shows Shifts in Industry

Disney+ is doing well.

But that’s something you already knew.

According to recent notes from the company, Disney’s subscriber numbers are looking swell. The company states that it has at least 26.5 million subscribers

26.5 million is nothing to sneeze at in the world of streaming.

That’s not bad for a streaming service that had initial difficulties and then launched with amazing content over last year. You’ve seen the Mandalorian, and you’ve probably even watched The Lion King on Disney+. Ardent viewers may also take time to watch shows such as The World According to Jeff Goldblum as well.

Disney had 20 million subscribers in November. Currently, Netflix has 61 million U.S subscribers, with 167 million  worldwide subscribers in comparison.

Netflix took longer to achieve this milestone and is now loading up on debt to produce more content.

Experts note that Disney+ is successful due to a myriad of factors. One can not deny that it has a lot to do with the way Disney is rolling out its content. 

Netflix Started in a Different Time

Remember that Netflix is a pioneer in this streaming industry. The firm sought to work with Blockbuster at one point but was laughed out of the room. The leaders of the firm took it upon themselves to build out their value and keep growing in the early era of internet and world wide web adoption.

We quickly forget the era of getting online with AOL, we also forget about slower internet speeds and buffering back in the day. Further, overall access and infrastructure related to the internet was still in the works in the initial days of Netflix.

They didn’t start with streaming. Netlfix started with something that you were accustomed to, with DVDs.

Consumer habits were different too.

Cable was in demand.

Viewer habits have changed.

Disney waited and watched, then waited some more. The corporation took a stake in Hulu and then did some more research. Disney+ is here today after careful planning and deployment.

Disney is not the only one to have jumped the bandwagon, HBO Max, and Peacock by NBCUniversal are also going to join the line of streaming content services. 

Disney is Thanos with regard to content

The firm is diversified and has ties to a wide variety of fantastic content. Remember that the firm has rights to Marvel, Star Wars, and other compelling brands that appeal to the whole family.

The streaming service has franchise’s that can drive views on their own. 

Disney provides the family with the entire experience. Viewers can watch from home and then indulge in adventures at the physical Disney locations. Further, they can purchase toys and other goods from the brand to bolster it even further.

Disney is just getting started as it aims to deploy streaming all over the world.

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