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The Dish on Beautylish – App Review

Beauty communities can be full of beauties, but total beasts. It’s a tough world out there in the world of glamor and beauty for us girls, luckily with Beautylish you’re more likely to find a laid-back group of gals who love makeup, nail polish, and style just as much as you do. Without all the snark and backhanded compliments. Score!

Get $10 Upon Sign Up!


Seriously, Beautylish is, literally, the best! It’s the only app I’ve ever downloaded that gave me something in return. Besides hours wasted and a new addiction, versus something tangible and measurable by the world at large.That’s right, when you sign up, using Facebook, Google or email Beautylish gives you a $10 credit to shop with. Granted, you only have 2 weeks (disregard my prompt of 48 hours, I’m a slacker) to use it, but still. Who else gives you free money to use their services? Pretty much, no one.

$10 off first purchase


That being said, you can shop in app with easy, or visit their desktop site if it makes you more comfortable.

Shop on Beautylish

A variety of brands are offered and you can shop in a number of ways: by brand or by category (like, makeup, nails, skin care, etc). Within each category, things get broken down into even more specific subcategories—such as lips, top and base coat, cleanser, so on and so forth. My biggest complaint about shopping is that everything is so pricey!


Yes, I know that makeup is an investment and I should probably stop being such a penny-pincher when it comes to my face, but I can’t justify spending $11+ on eyeliner. Even if it claims to last 24-hours and has a 4 star rating.

However, the reviews are great! Customers are honest about what they did or didn’t like about a product or item. They take note of the little things we often overlook, but hate when they happen. A review for a brow brush gets down to the nitty-gritty: “…the way it folds up into itself keeps it from getting nasty.” And, if you’re not ready to purchase anything today, you can save items to your wish list for later.

Beauty Editorials

Browse editorial

That’s right, editorials not just tutorials. If you’re like me, watching an experienced makeup-er tell me how to “expertly” apply liquid liner is like sending me into a bathroom with a paint roller. It just doesn’t help. So, Beautylish’s editorial section is by far my favorite feature.

Rather than show me what I’m supposed to be doing, their articles give simple tips and tricks for all kinds of grooming. Actually, I found that brow brush in an article, not while shopping, which serves an additional purpose.

Shop with ease

Beautylish knows we all have our own beauty downfalls, if you will, so as we read articles that relate specifically to our needs, they’re subtly recommending products! Not only does this make getting the perfect eyelashes/brows possible, it makes shopping a lot less of a hassle. No more, “I saw this one mascara, in this one article…what was it called?!” With Beautylish just click the link in the article to get to the item in their shop. From there, you can add items to your bag or wish list without having to sift through your memory for every article and item you’ve looked at.

Fear not, tutorial lovers, Beautylish has those too! Along with a great photo section so you can browse current hair, nail, and makeup trends with ease.

Browse videos

This Dish is Done

I can’t speak to their customer service, as I’ve yet to use my $10 credit. There’s just too much to choose from! I get overwhelmed with too many choices and, did I mention, I’m cheap. However, the app’s design is extremely clean and user-friendly. All the main and sub-menus are available across the top. Once you’re in an item’s detail or reading an article, it’s very easy to return to the previous page. Simply click the back arrow (<) in the top left corner.

Beautylish home

Unlike some businesses, Beautylish has transitioned a desktop site seamlessly to a mobile app. The feel and ease-of-use with desktop and mobile are very similar. In fact, I think I might like the app better (it loads faster for me). Overall, I was really impressed with the navigation because if I can’t find something I get frustrated, and that I haven’t experienced any glitches or slowness, even after its been running for extended periods of time.

Now, where can I get an app like this for clothes? Someone, anyone??


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