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Did You Know There Are SECRET Apps on the Apple App Store?

Apple lets developers include unlisted apps in the apps store. These apps are not available for everyone to see or download. 

But what are these unlisted apps, and how do they work? Read on to find out.

Unlisted Apps

When an app is classified as unlisted, it means that you can’t find it on the App store just by searching. This contrasts with the normal apps you encounter and download from the site. To view the unlisted apps, you need a special link because they are designed for limited users. They might be created for special events, specific organizations, research studies, and so on. Most users familiar with these apps include franchisees, employees, students, and the like. 

Why Use Secret Apps?

Unlisted apps are common in educational institutions and businesses as they help them distribute software to business partners, students, and employees. The same app may be used by a business to pass crucial information to internal staff. Using a public app for the same would jeopardize the business operation as plans could leak to potential competitors. 

An insurance company may develop an app as a sales tool for brokers to sell insurance to clients, thereby cutting down on paperwork. This makes sense why companies and organizations wouldn’t want to make such apps available to the public. 

Educational institutions use the same hidden apps to share course material and communicate to students throughout the learning period. This practice saves the faculty the extra time they would spend connecting to the internet and downloading relevant course material. Besides, having a common app for the students would reduce the number of emails they regularly receive, as learning would be centered on one app. 

How Do I Download Unlisted Apps?

You need a link to download the unlisted app from the Apple App Store. If you’re a student, ask for the link from your professor or institution. Similarly, employees should get the same link from their employer. 

The point remains that you can only access the unlisted app through a link provided to the developer by Apple. The apps remain exclusive, and the developer or owner will be the one to give out the link accordingly and decide who can access it. 

Once you get hold of the link, App Store will open the description just like regular apps and start downloading. Note that you must use the link to find the app every time you visit the page. 

I Have the Link but Can’t Download the Unlisted App

Try out troubleshooting steps if you used the link but can’t access or download the secret app. You may also need to restart your device or sign in to the Apps Store again. If none of these steps seem to work, reach out to the link owner or developer to see whether they have similar complaints from other users. Reporting the case to them may also help them check for any problems with the app itself.  

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