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Destiny Pre-Order Deals for Labor Day Weekend

On Tuesday, September 9th, Bungie’s long awaited Destiny releases on all major console platforms. If you’re going to pick up the game on or near day-one anyway, you might want to think about pre-ordering because there are some solid offers this Labor Day weekend from three different retailers. Check below for details.

The Microsoft Store Deals

If you want Destiny for your Xbox One or Xbox 360, I’d recommend pre-ordering online through the Microsoft Store. You will have to pay the full $59.99 MSRP, but in return for pre-ordering the MS Store will give you a $10 Xbox Gift Code (arrives via email). On top of that if you pre-order by next Friday, September 5th by 2pm Pacific, you’ll get release date delivery and have the game arrive on your door September 9th. Saves a trip to the store, and you’ll have $10 to spend on Xbox LIVE.

Groupon Coupon Code

Use coupon LABOR10 at checkout on Groupon this Labor Day weekend only, and take 10% off any physical goods sold on their site. Using it on Destiny takes $6 off your purchase, dropping the price tag to $53.99. Shipping is free. Available on all platforms.

Best Buy Pre-Order Deal

If you’ve shopped at a Best Buy, odds are you’ve signed up for their “My Best Buy” rewards program. If not, sign up for free, and pre-ordering Destiny¬†will get you a $10 Rewards Certificate to use on future purchases. Shipping is free, or if you want the game on its release date you can choose the free store pickup option at checkout.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, destiny pre-order deals for labor day weekend, news

Besides the bonuses each retailer is offering, pre-orders at most retailers will get you the Vanguard Armory set. This pre-order exclusive DLC gets you early access to weapons, gear, and a Vanguard player emblem that will otherwise take you awhile to earn. Groupon does not appear to be offering the Vanguard pack, but both the Microsoft Store and Best Buy are offering it as an additional incentive.