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Delta 8 – The Best of CBD & More

It’s well-known around these parts that due to chronic pain, I’ve been a marijuana advocate for decades. However, thanks to the reach of Geek Insider I recently found the benefits of “real” CBD products and instantly became a cheerleader for those products as well.

And now, I’ve found the best of both worlds – Delta 8.

While the active ingredient in marijuana that causes the “high” is actually delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC or just Delta 9), Delta-8 is a cannabis compound that is similar to THC and can cause effects similar, yet less intense, to regular Delta-9 THC.

In other words… you get a buzz but not really “stoned.”

AND… since most Delta 8 is derived from hemp as opposed to the cannabis plant, it is legal in most states. Most of these products also have good levels of CBD… a double bonus.

Which is how I came to try it and I have to say, I am extremely impressed.

Finding Delta 8

If you haven’t heard of Hometown Hero CBD, you’re in for a treat. I actually purchased some CBD flower from them just a short while ago and was very impressed — it definitely has a way of taking the edge off of my chronic pain and it tastes/smells just like marijuana. Which is a bonus for an old pothead like myself.

Anyway, last week I actually had an opportunity to speak with someone over at Hometown Hero and as luck would have it, they had this new line of Delta 8 products and asked if I wanted to try them out. Now, I get a lot of cool swag around here but I can honestly say, this is definitely one of my favorites.

I’d never tried Delta 8 products and boy am I glad I waited until I got some from a reliable source. When CBD stuff first started coming out, I tried various ones from gas stations and even a few head shops but was never impressed at all. Which lead to me not having any faith in the products until a good while later.

Folks, if you have chronic pain, trouble sleeping, or are suffering from anxiety, you NEED to check out the Delta 8 offerings from Hometown Hero CBD. I’ve checked out several of their great products and if you keep reading, you’ll find out what I think of each.

Some GREAT Delta 8 Products from Hometown Hero

My contact over at Hometown Hero is a true believer in the products and not only did he send me a really nice assortment, he revealed that he regularly uses the gummies. That told me a lot right off the bat but I had no idea how much of a treat I was about to be given.

Of course, being one that has enjoyed smoking weed for decades, the first thing I decided to try was one of the Delta 8 THC joints. Admittedly, I fully expected to feel the same effect as their Hawaiian Haze CBD flower that I was familiar with… but I was completely off-base.

For the first time in my life… I caught a buzz in Texas from a marijuana-related product. In fact, though it may have been due to smoking the whole thing, I was actually stoned (but let’s not tell the government that!). The CBD effects are also fantastic and I can definitely say that I enjoyed it.

The same goes for their Delta-8 Blunts and Zero-G D8 Flower. The blunts burn nice and even and smoke very, very smoothly and I’d definitely recommend for new users. The Zero G breaks up nicely, has great taste and smell, and the effects are top notch.

All-in-all I can say that I can definitely recommend the Delta 8 flower from Hometown Hero CBD.

Here’s the other Delta 8 products I checked out:

  • Delta 8 Berry Tincture – no lie, tastes a LOT better than almost every other tincture I’ve tried. It goes down super smooth and was fast acting for me, helping to take the edge off my morning pain.
  • Delta 8 Gummies – these not only taste great, they freakin WORK. If you’re like me and have issues falling asleep (it always takes me at least an hour) then you HAVE to try these gummies. THC and CBD gummies have never helped me but after just 2 of these about 2 hours before bed and I was out like a light and my wife experienced the same with just 2. We had the Blueberry and Watermelon options and now I definitely want to check out the green apple. Thankfully they have a buy 4 get 1 free option.

I saved the Delta 8 Roll-on for last because it was hand’s down my absolute favorite. My neck is one of the biggest trouble spots for pain and earlier today, thanks to crappy weather, it was really, really being a literal pain in the neck. 

I was scrambling, trying all of my options, and nothing was helping. When it gets that bad it is next to impossible to do anything by lay down… when your neck hurts to support your head, you don’t have many options.

Anyway, I just got the delivery from Hometown Hero yesterday and in my pain-haze I happened to walk by the box. I grabbed the roll-on and applied it liberally over the area, including a major knot in my shoulder, and I swear I was feeling relief within a few minutes. Whether it was by design or my imagination, I felt a slight heat and them was super surprised that my agony was lessening rather quickly.

Color me intrigued.

Geeks of the Insider universe I know I’ve written about CBD a few times but I am extremely impressed with these Delta 8 products from Hometown Hero. I have a feeling you’re going to hear more about this company (I found out they are close to me) because when I find something I truly like, I have to spread the word.

Do yourself a favor and read more about Delta 8 and CBD because there is still a growing list of benefits you may be interested in.

Who is Hometown Hero?

Hometown Hero was started in Austin, Texas, to give our friends and family the best products possible while actively donating to veterans’ charities. We are fanatics about quality and use only the best available ingredients every day. We take no shortcuts in making our handcrafted products. Our belief has always been that “If you create exceptional products and give value to your customers long enough, people notice.” Hometown Hero has been featured in the New York Times, High Times Magazine, and Yahoo Finance.

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