Daisy Ridley’s Post-Star Wars Role Will Be In ‘The Lost Wife’

Daisy ridley, the lost wife, star wars

Can’t get enough of Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ Daisy Ridley? Well,
you’re in luck! The adorable 24-year-old actress is set to star in a new
drama, The Lost Wife, where two college students in Prague fall deeply in
love with each other just before the onset of World War II. The film is
based on Alyson Richman’s novel of the same title and has yet to find a
director or studio to work on the project.

The only information about the project so far is that Ridley will star in
the drama, most likely as the art student Lenka. According to
Variety, Michelle Chydzik and Jeff Waxman will produce the film, Marc Klein
is the script writer, and CAA is representing it (they also represent
Ridley) and “will be taking it to the Cannes Film Festival.” There is no
set release date, as filming has yet to begin.

Although her cast mates lined up post-Star Wars roles as soon as they could
get their hands on them, Ridley held off on accepting any roles until after
the premiere of The Force Awakens. She wanted her pick of the litter, which
is a good indicator that The Lost Wife will be well worth the wait! Stay
tuned for more information about The Lost Wife as we get closer to its
production and release.

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