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The D20 Girls Project: Women in Fandom Unite

Many of you may not know what the D20 Girls Project is. When I wrote about it two years ago, it was as an interview. The organization has been growing ever since, and is currently re-branding.

Who Are the D20 Girls? 

A question a lot of people ask from the start is, who are the D20 Girls? Put simply, we are a nonprofit organization that promotes women in fandom and other nerdy endeavors. We work with and at conventions. You may have seen a D20 Girls table at a local convention or two. We help with local community projects and spread the word about our organization. 

The D20 Girls

Put not so simply, the D20 Girls are a family. We are spread across United States, but bond over our love for cosplay and video games. The state I currently manage, Tennessee, spends time together 3 times a month virtually. That doesn’t take into account the time we spend together at conventions.

Not only that, but we are a safe place for women who have felt less than welcomed in fandom in the past. It’s a place for introverts to spread their wings, and try new and scary things.

What Kind of Events Do They Do? 

That depends entirely on each individual state. My state, personally, will be going to four conventions this year, where we will host room parties and take part in other convention activities. We will also be hosting a mini-con at a children’s hospital, with superhero cosplays, video games, and board games for the kids to play. We’ll host our own D20-Mini Con as well as a community and fundraising event. We have monthly virtual board game nights, and even our own Line chat. 

Nationally, we do a monthly podcast and write for our very own nerdy online magazine

From my personal experience, the D20 Girls Project is an organization that has helped change me for the better. It helped me focus on better things and find many friends. I hope anyone with the time and interest for the D20 Girls Project would consider applying

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