CTO as a Service – All You Need to Know

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How often have you thought about starting your own online business, started reading materials, and then got confused in technical terms? And your idea of developing a successful startup has remained an idea? Then you certainly did not hear about CTO as a service. This is a great solution for all technical tasks that you face creating a project. Let’s have a closer look at the Chief Technology Officer as a service and how to find a suitable candidate.

Who Is CTO?

This is an expert in building a technological part of the project. They have strong technical skills to build software from scratch. A CTO specialist also points out the right direction of the product development and defines the strategy of how to successfully build it. 

Responsibilities of CTO

The Chief Technology Officer performs multiple options from creating an idea to testing and improving the final product. These people are the ones who lead the process. They can literally grow your idea into a real product that you can see and use. Besides doing technical work, this person influences many other software development fields. See Chief Technology Officer’s main responsibilities below.

Technical Development of the Software

CTO is connected with all technical issues in the project. He literally turns the idea of the platform into a real product. This expert cooperates with the team members and provides everyone with a special kind of work. Together with a Chief Technology Officer they create a Minimum Viable Product and test it. After the software is ready to use, the senior executive builds a strategy for product improvement.

Hiring the Team 

One of the main tasks of the CTO is to hire a team of professional players. It relates to programmers, engineers, and scientists. He is responsible for the team onboarding process. The support of the Chief Technology Officer is a vital part of the team’s growth. Thus the next stage of this responsibility is to conduct training for the workers. This expert stands as a supervisor of all technical processes.

Planning a Future

Do you think that the senior executive is just developing the platform and improving it? He is the one who makes the plan for further software innovations. He also creates a roadmap on how to grow based on the company’s main goals. At this stage, business owners have to be in very close contact with the senior executive, as the last one becomes in charge of everything. People of this profession should also estimate the budget for software development, fix the bugs, and notice the users’ feedback. 

CTO as a Service

Many startups face the problem in their first development stages: how to organize the team and get the best specialists? One Chief Technology Officer is not enough to build strong software. In your project, you will need to involve engineers, developers, designers as well. And here is when you can hire a CTO as a service where a team of professionals helps businessmen to develop their software. 

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Tips for Choosing a Company That Offers CTO as a Service Option

It can be really hard to hire a high-qualified service for startups and small businesses. It is obvious that a leading team of experts will not cost you cheap. Before hiring a Chief Technology Officer as a service, take into consideration the following steps.

Define the Scope of Work

The first thing you should pay attention to is the amount of work that will be required in your project. Depending on the size and types of work that will be required, you will understand which team will suit your wishes the most. It all depends on your vision of your final product. You will find a huge variety of services on the internet, starting from very cheap and ending with more expensive. But definitely, you will find the right one.

Review Top Software Development Vendors

Checking top development vendors’ teams is a crucial step. By reading reviews and testing them you get an actual point of view on how to form your perfect team. Make deeper research and find those people who already worked with top software development vendors. You can hear a real experience and ask them to see the final product. Purrweb is a great example of a world-top team that helps business owners to build their businesses online. 

Choose Vendor with Niche-Relevant Experience

All successful developers once started somewhere. Therefore, in their projects, they focused on people who have already achieved success in the field of interest to them. That’s why this step will also help you achieve your goals. Find a vendor or a company that will be very close to the area in which you create your project. Try to analyze the work of this company. Determine the main vectors and tools of this company. Find out the mistakes that have been made and try not to allow them in your project. This will help you especially in the initial stages of work. You should thoroughly study all the features and only then proceed to the working process.

Discuss Your Cooperate in All the Details to Make a Final Decision 

Before you hire the service, get clear about your responsibilities. Different companies offer different services. And that might cause a kind of misunderstanding. Define what you expect from the professional team and what they can do. Last but not least is your budget. Make sure that you can hire this CTO and that their salary expectations meet your financial abilities. 


Building software from scratch is a challenging task. And there you will need great help to organize the process. The first person that is essential in software development is a CTO. This is an expert that manages the process of building the software from its earliest stages. However, startups’ sponsors make a mistake thinking that one person is enough to create such a technical wonder. And they need to hire an experienced professional team – Chief Technology Officer as a service. Hiring a master in software development saves you a lot of time and money and gets your dream of building an online business even closer!

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