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5 Slot Games That You Don’t Want To Miss

If you like playing on slot machines then you are in luck – doing just that has never been easier. Thanks to the rise in popularity of online casinos, there are thousands of different online slot machine options for slot lovers. 

In fact, there are so many out there that it can be hard to work out where to start. Well, don’t you worry. We have scoured the internet and discovered the 5 best online slot machine games that you don’t want to miss. 

#1 – Cleopatra 

Much like its namesake, the Cleopatra game has been fascinating its audiences for years now. Cleopatra was first created in 2005 and has been a fan favorite ever since. There aren’t many other games that have remained popular for over 15 years. 

Why has Cleopatra remained so popular? Well, the chance to win jackpots that are worth x10,000 more than your original buy-in. Which makes it one of the biggest jackpots online right now – only falling behind our number 4 choice. 

Cleopatra has also spawned a series of spin-offs that offer some fun twists on the original game. 

#2 – Wheel of Fortune 

Another classic online slot machine is Wheel of Fortune. Just like Cleopatra, we think this game has stuck around because not only is it incredibly fun to play, but it also offers some impressive jackpots. 

According to the developers of Wheel of Fortune, a $110,000 jackpot is one every 48 hours. Wheel of Fortune is available on many of the largest online casinos and is a great option for beginners. If you want to learn how to play online slots you can do so here. 

Wheel of Fortune has over 30 spin-off games including the current sensation Wheel of Fortune: Triple Extreme Spin. 

#3 – Slingo Spins 

Speaking of large slot franchises, no online slots list is complete without one mention of the Slingo empire. 

There is a Slingo slots game to suit any taste – from Slingo Carnival (circus themed), Slingo Maximus (Roman themed), and there is even Slingo Classic (a recreation of the original Slingo game from 21 years ago. 

Slingo is one of the oldest slot games on the internet, but it has stayed popular because it offers great jackpots and because its gameplay is simple, delightful, and addictive. We never get enough of playing Slingo!  

#4 – Gladiator

We mentioned above that Gladiator offers one of the biggest slot machine jackpots online (you’ll struggle to find a bigger jackpot outside of Vegas!). This game is the highest rated online slot machine of all time too. If you haven’t played it before, then you should probably change that after you finish this article. 

The slot machine game was actually based on the film Gladiator and was first launched in the year 2000. This makes it one of the oldest games out there – are you noticing a theme in this article? These older games stick around because they are some of the best online slot machines out there. 

#5 – Book 99 

The Book of 99 is named that because of the fact it claims to have an RTP (return to play) rate of 99%. What does that mean? Well, theoretically, the game only makes a 1% profit and 99% of the money goes back into the jackpots and players’ pockets. We can’t think of another game that has an RTP rate like this. That is why it catches the eye of new and experienced players alike. 

If the RTP wasn’t enough to lure you in, this game offers the 10th biggest jackpots on the internet and has an incredibly interesting and aesthetically pleasing Ancient Greek theme. 


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