Create Your Own Ultimate Geek Den

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17% of Americans self-identify as a geek, and what better way to embrace your geekiness than with an entire room in your home dedicated to it. This can include your games and consoles, your computer system and all your cool memorabilia and prints from your favorite movies. Create a space that suits you perfectly and will enable you to get your geek on whenever you feel like it.

Where to Put It

Perhaps you live with someone else and your geek gear is starting to take over the house or they’re meddling with your stuff. That’s how you know it’s time for your own geek room. But where to put it? Start by finding the best space for your geek cave where you’ll have plenty of room and some quiet. You may already have a private area or a spare room that can be transformed, or you may need to think a little outside of the box. A shed can be purpose-built or cleared out and renovated into a perfect little geek den, providing you have electricity going to it. However, a garage can be warmer, larger and offer a more secure space to keep your geeky gear, giving you plenty of room to spread out as you add to your collections overtime. To simplify things, you can even buy pre-built, customizable garage kits that make it easy to extend your home, ready to be transformed into your own geek space.

Kitting Your Cave Out

The equipment that makes up your geek cave will take center stage, essentially being the core component to what you and your cave are all about. This is usually a pretty hardcore computer setup with several monitors for optimum productivity… or some serious gaming. A chair that is comfortable for hours of use at a time will be needed and include some additional games consoles for good measure. Of course, you could even add a TV to your room for movie marathons or binge-watching TV series. Alternatively, hook it up to your computer with an HDMI cable so it becomes a bigger screen that has all the functions of your computer for extra movie, TV and music streaming abilities.

The Little Things

No geek den is complete without the little things that transforms it, from posters to DVD and book holders. While you can pick a theme and run wild with it, using lots of TV, movie and game references and decor throughout your room will make it represent you better and keep it interesting. Posters, wall transfers and framed prints are all easy ways to bring some geek into your cave, but it’s the unique things that will really stand out. This could be things you’ve collected or made yourself overtime, personalized and autographed items and quirky memorabilia. You might even want to add a display cabinet for your most valuable items.

Ultimately, have fun with designing and putting together your geek cave. Make it somewhere that you’ll enjoy spending time doing your favorite things surrounding by your favorite geek gear and possessions.

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