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Click and Scan with the LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse

One of the greatest perks to owning a scanner is being able to have digital copies of all of your documents. It’s never a bad idea to have backups of your payment receipts, signed contracts, paychecks and insurance files. They also work great for digitizing old photos so you will never lose them. However, one downside to scanners is that they can be expensive and are not all that portable. Also, there are times when you only need one small section of the document or photo selected, when most scanners tend to copy the entire thing.

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LG Electronics LSM-100 Scanner Mouse

Just as the title says, the LG LSM-100 is a mouse with a built-in scanner. The device itself is complete with a left and right click, scroll wheel and a 1,200 DPI laser sensor. Then, on the left side, there are two other buttons that resemble the forward and backward buttons on a typical mouse. Press the forward button while scrolling over what you want scanned, and what ever you swipe is electronically sent to your computer.

How It Works

The included software displays what you are scanning in real time. From there, you can edit and crop the image then export it to your hard drive in a variety of different formats including: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, MP, XLS, DOC and PDF. There is also a feature to directly send the document by email through the software. Here’s where it gets cool: LG’s software comes with Optical Character Recognition that can identify up to 180 different languages. This feature allows you to scan text and open it up as an editable Word document.


The scanner has a DPI that is adjustable from 100 to 320 and can scan any size up to A3. The included software is compatible with PCs running Windows XP/Vista/7 and Macs running OS X 10.6 or 10.7. Other features of the software include: cutting and pasting, contrast and brightness control, resize, zoom, rotate and sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.