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How to Choose the Perfect Blogging Platform


Are these blogging tools giving you a headache and making your eyes pop? Not too sure which blogging platform you should go for? If that’s the case, give this tutorial a read!

 If you’re a writer or photographer:


WordPress is, by far the largest blogging community. Whether you’re a writer or photographer, this virtual destination is a paradise. Because the WordPress team hosts daily prompts and weekly writing and photo challenge, the community is filled very engaging interactions — writers and photographers from around the world frequently leave comments and likes on each other blogs. If you’re good, your blog might be mentioned on Freshly Pressed (think of it as a hall of fame!) As long as you’re dedicated and engage in heavy interaction, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t succeed. If you love to write and would like a decent readership, go for WordPress. Newbies, always use tags!

The top-notch site recently went through a makeover and the layout is gorgeous.

 If you like it simple:


Blogger and Google+ complement each other really well — which makes sense since the former was bought over by Google. If you dislike customization and would prefer a basic layout, then go for Blogger. This only works great for personal blogs. Business blogs are best suited using WordPress as the layout is more professional looking.

Tip #1: Blogger users, if you’re getting sick of the lack of themes, consider Shabby Blogs. It provides free blog templates.

 If you’re lazy busy (oops):


Dayre is like the new kid on the block. Even if you have zero computer skills, you should be able to understand the ins and outs of this blogging app within minutes. Dayre is perfect for people on the go and the user friendly app allows bloggers to blog on their mobile devices. It’s loaded with many cool functions like custom filters and stickers for your thoughts — fans of emoticons will appreciate this. Love to blog but have too much on your plate? You know what to do now.

 If you’d like to earn extra cash:


Unless you’re a household name blogger, it is highly unlikely to earn money with affiliate programs such as Google AdSense. If you’re not too concerned about the blogging platform itself, you might want to shift your attention to Bubblews. Unlike the rest of the blogging platforms as mentioned in this article, Bubblews is more of a blogging network. The rules are pretty straightfoward: no plagiarism, no pornography material and write only in English. Members can blog anything and everything under the sun and each post must have at least 40 characters. The site has been a hit and miss with bloggers; some claimed Bubblews is a scam while others have praised the site for its usability. I’ve tried this and it’s successful so far. In my opinion, the only downside of Bubblews is it’s frequently down. In a nutshell: proceed with caution.

If you’re an artist or part of a fandom:


Tumblr is, hands down the coolest blog. It’s packed with thousands of delightful art and writings and the themes are equally charming. Even celebrities are using it! Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun, Glee’s Dianna Agron (sadly, she has deleted it)and Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisario are among the list. Like WordPress, you can find your desired information by using tags. It’s easy to follow blogs and connect with bloggers who have the same interests as you. Lately, it’s a common sight to see fan arts of the upcoming movie, The Fault in our Stars. So if you’re a part of a fandom like Doctor Who or Game of Thrones, check out Tumblr now!

Do you have a blog? Do you have any tips for newbie bloggers? Share with us, we’d love to hear from our readers!