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Check Out Garmin’s Futuristic Head-Up Display GPS

One of the greatest perks to having a Smartphone is the ability to use it as a GPS device. All of your contacts are there on your phone, so all you need to do is copy and paste their address and it gives you directions to your destination. Along with that, you also have an Internet browser to look up addresses on the spot. However, there is a downside to this. In order to use your phone as a GPS, you will need to mount it to your windshield, which can partially block your view of the road. This can be a problem especially at night, when the screen brightness could obscure your vision. Fortunately, Garmin has come out with a solution to that problem.

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Garmin Head-Up Display

This GPS device syncs with your Smartphone via Bluetooth and projects the signal onto your windshield, rather than using a bulky mount. The projected image is about the same size as your phone screen, but transparent for safe viewing. The display shows you turn-by-turn directions, distance between turns and the estimated time of arrival. It also notifies you of speed limits, warning you when you exceed them, and incoming speed cameras.

The Garmin Head-Up Display projects the image onto your windshield through the use of transparent film, which is lined up with the device. You also have the option of an attached reflector lens that uses the same concept. The projected display automatically adjusts the brightness so it will be visible in direct sunlight and late at night. The device’s vehicle power adapter also has a USB port attached so you can charge your phone simultaneously.

The Bluetooth signal is compatible with two navigation apps: Garmin Street Pilot, exclusively for the iPhone, and NAVIGON, which works with iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 8.