6 Tiny Car Troubles That Could Cause Serious Damage

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There are many different facets to taking care of your car. One of the biggest and most important ones is to pay attention to warning signs and address even small issues, because you never know when they might turn into something more dangerous.

Here is a list of seemingly small and inconsequential car issues you might run into that definitely shouldn’t be ignored. 

Low Tire Pressure

If your tire pressure is low, your handling will be seriously impaired, and you won’t be particularly safe on the road. A tire with low pressure is less stable and has less traction, which makes its response to your steering slower. 

Owning a tire inflator is helpful if you struggle with this issue on a regular basis, otherwise, it’s crucial to get your pressure checked often. 

Squeaking Brakes

Generally speaking, any type of unusual sounds coming from your car should be noted and addressed as soon as possible. However, your brakes are most likely to make a squeaking sound when they’re not performing at their best.

This will usually indicate that you need to have your brake pads replaced before your braking ability wears away to nothing and leaves you vulnerable on the road. Being able to brake quickly in emergency situations is crucial, so don’t neglect this task. 

Unbalanced Steering

Wheel balancing and alignment are another important factor to pay attention to. Look out for the tell-tale signs of unbalanced wheels and alignment – vibration in your steering wheel, uneven wear on your tires, and your car pulling heavily in one direction.

It’s important to have both your balancing and alignment sorted out as soon as you notice anything amiss, because they can both impair your driving and leave you vulnerable on the road. 

Unusual Exhaust Fumes

Any smoke or unusual smells coming from your exhaust pipe are nothing to laugh at. While exhaust fumes are always going to smell unpleasant, you’ll quickly notice if the smell gets stronger or changes in any way – in which case you’ll need to have it checked out.

Similarly, just because you’ve seen smoke pouring from someone’s exhaust pipe doesn’t mean it’s normal. There are many potential causes of smoke coming from your car, and none of them are good news. So, avoid driving until the issue has been sorted. 

Fluid Leaks

Liquid leaking from your car could mean a number of things. You might have an engine leak, a brake fluid leak, or a simple water leak. 

Each of these has varying levels of seriousness, which makes it very important that you have the source of the leak identified as soon as possible. 

Warning Lights

Finally, it’s of vital importance that you never ignore warning lights on your car. This might seem like common knowledge, but many people brush off those little red lights and face the consequences later.

Your car is designed to know when there’s something wrong – so don’t take its advice for granted. When one of your warning lights comes on, it’s time to take your vehicle in to get a check-up.

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