Capture Your Life From All Angles With The Panosphere 360

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Panoramic cameras are great because they catch all of the action, regardless of where you are pointing the camera. Recently, the same technology has been brought to video, allowing 360-degree footage, perfect for remote control planes and cars, motorcycles and surveillance. What’s not so great is that they get to be expensive and most are not exactly portable. That is until Spy Gear came to the rescue.

Spy Gear – Panosphere 360 Spy Cam

The Panosphere 360 is a high-quality, affordable and durable panoramic camera that can record at every direction at once in 360 degrees. With the included 2GB Micro SD card, you can capture up to 2000 photos and 15 minutes worth of 720p resolution video. However, it also reads higher capacity SD cards for more storage.

While the possibilities are endless, the Panosphere has three general ways of capturing video or photos. First you can use the suction cup to attach it to walls or other hard surfaces; perfect for surveillance. Next, there is the option of using the Velcro strap to attach it to bike or motocycle handle bars, remote-controlled cars, Airsoft guns, really anything you can think of. Finally, there is the tactical disk housing, which allows you slide the camera across the room and remain undetected.

Also included with the Panosphere is a video editing software. The software, which runs on both Mac and PC, lets you playback the videos and explore every angle that was recorded using a click and drag technique similar to Google Maps. It also allows you export the videos and upload them to social networks.