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Three Fun and Useful iPhone Stands

As attached to your iPhone as you may be, there are times when you need to put it down: the battery needs to be charged, you need to get some work done and don’t want a distraction or you don’t want to keep it in your pocket while you sit down. Here are some cool stands for your iPhone to make it flashy, even when you’re not using it:


1. Fuse Chicken Une Bobine

The name sounds as futuristic as it looks. This charger doubles as a stand that can be bent, twisted, or wrapped in the position of your choosing; the strong cable allows it to stay locked in place. It’s perfect for FaceTime or Skype conversations or keeping your phone visible so you don’t have to keep reaching for it when it rings. The Une Bobine has separate products for the iPhone 5 adapters and the classic 30-pin input.


2. Talk Dock

There was something so magical about corded telephones back in the day. The curved shape fit perfectly around your ear and it just felt right to hold on to. The Talk Dock can help bring back the classic telephone, while keeping the perks of a Smartphone that you can’t let go. Your phone fits securely inside the dock, with room to connect a charging cable. A universal audio jack is attached to the dock so you can plug your phone into the headset. You also have the option of removing the headset from the dock and plugging it straight into your phone.


3. Silver Aluminum TPU Hard Case

This is your Swiss army knife of iPhone cases. It’s got a tough exterior that will protect your phone, without being too bulky. But that’s just the beginning; the case also has foldout stands for horizontal and vertical positioning, an attached stylus and a screen protector. The Silver Aluminum TPU Hard Case is available for iPhone 4/4G/4S and iPhone 5.