Bookcase club july 2016 teenage dreams case

BookCase Club July “Teenage Dreams” Case

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, whether you want monthly doses of anime, candy, movies, merch, you name it! Bookcase Club is a subscription box service for (you guessed it) books. Each month I will be receiving and reviewing my monthly subscription box through BookCase Club. They have a wide variety of genres for you to choose from. How it works is that you log onto their website, choose what type of reader you are (from thrill seeker to military history reader), and then choose your payment plan. Then, voila! You’ll receive hand-picked books by bookish experts on your doorstep each month.

I was really impressed with the variety of choices, mainly because the choices reach outside the box, such as their options of picture books for kids and even cook books for you chefs out there. As for me, I chose the “Teenage Dreams” case, so I will be receiving young adult books each month courtesy of this amazing service.

Bookcase club july 2016 teenage dreams box

In July’s crate were two intriguing titles: The Young World by Chris Weitz and The Walled City¬†by Ryan Graudin. These books followed this month’s theme “Trapped,” and came as hardbacks. Being the book junkie that I am, I LOVE hardbacks, so seeing that I received two in my first crate was glorious.

‘The Young World’ by Chris Weitz

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The Young World is a dystopian novel about a society of teenagers creating a new world together after a sickness comes through and wipes out all adults and children. What’s interesting about this sickness, though, is that it’s still there. Lingering about and killing everyone who reaches adulthood, the sickness has yet to be cured.

Now these teenagers must find a way to eradicate the disease so they have a chance at a future. Film director Chris Weitz tells the tale of a perilous journey four teenagers must take once a chance at a cure comes along.

I’m excited to read The Young World. With its compelling Children of the Corn-esque plot and its accredited author, the story is sure to be a good read. I look forward to going on this journey with the protagonists, Jeff and Donna, as they and their friends attempt to get rid of the mysterious illness plaguing their world.

‘The Walled City’ By Ryan Graudin

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, bookcase club july "teenage dreams" case, entertainment, comics, lady geek

The Walled City is a dark thriller that follows three teens as they attempt to escape death and deprivation in a closed-off city overrun by deviants and criminals. As if that isn’t harsh enough, they only have a limited time to do so. Jin must pass off as a boy and hide from street gangs as she tries to find her sister, Mei Yee desperately yearns to escape the brothel she has been held captive in for two years, and Dai traffics drugs for “the most ruthless kingpin in the Walled City” and needs help to escape.

I am beyond excited to read The Walled City. It’s exactly the kind of thriller that will keep me hooked until 3 am. I can’t wait to crack it open and watch the mysteries unfold within its pages.

Thanks again to BookCase Club for the opportunity to receive, read, and review each month! Check out BookCase Club’s subscription boxes today if you want to receive a box like this for yourself. Pick your fancy and love every page-turning minute of the surprises you get each month. Use the coupon code Geek2016 and you’ll receive 20%¬†off 6 or 12 month subscriptions. Happy reading!

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