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BookCase Club August “Teenage Dream” Case

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Summer is rolling to an end, and school is about to start-up again. What better way to spend your crisp summer nights (or insanely hot summer days) than by reading custom-picked books sent directly to your door from BookCase Club?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this subscription service, BookCase Club is a subscription box service for books. Each month I will be reviewing the monthly young adult subscription box through BookCase Club. They have a wide variety of genres for you to choose from though (not just young adult books). You just log onto their website, choose what type of reader you are (from thrill seeker to military history reader), and then choose your payment plan. After this, you’ll receive hand-picked books picked by bookish experts on your doorstep each month.

The August BookCase Club is here and it’s all about choices. The theme this month is “Choices that Define Us” and includes two great picks: Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell and The Doubt Factory by Paolo Bacigalupi.

‘Dear Killer’ by Katherine Ewell

Dear killer, bookcase club august 2016, teenage dreams caseDear Killer is a psychological thriller that follows a London teenager, Kit, as she makes a living as an assassin. She receives letters through a “secret mailbox” and follows through on killing who she deems worth killing. She is London’s famed “Perfect Killer” and is “perfect” at what she does. However, one day a request in the secret mailbox changes everything.

She finds herself in need of making a crucial decision. She must dig through her mind–bury deep into it–and find a way to figure out right and wrong, since she doesn’t believe in it. Her life is one big gray area.

This story sounds like a gritty mix between suspense and thought-provoking story. My interest has definitely been piqued by the summary of this book, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this story holds.

‘The Doubt Factory’ by Paolo Bacigalupi

The doubt factory, teenage dreams, bookcase club augustThe Doubt Factory is a story about a teenage girl named Alix, who discovers something world-shattering about her father. As teens around her open up about losing loved ones due to medical drug malpractice, Alix is faced with the undeniable truth that her father may be in on this, as he is a product tester of the drugs in question. She must make a choice: keep quiet with a head buried in the sand, or release the files that could reveal everything and betray her father.

This book’s story line seems more intriguing to me personally, so I may crack this one open first. The terrible choice this girl must make seems more realistic, as it is forced upon an average teen, rather than a skilled assassin. The aspect of something tragic and life altering happening to an “anybody” is more appealing to me because it is easier for the narrator to get in my head and attach to my emotional heart-strings. Maybe I’m making too many pre-judgments, though. I’ll take a gander at both stories, read both books, and form an educated opinion after diving into both.

There has been so many great picks over just the past couple of months! I’m excited to read these books, and I’m eager to see what next month’s case holds.

Thanks again to BookCase Club for the opportunity to receive, read, and review each month! Check out BookCase Club’s subscription boxes today if you want to receive a box like this for yourself.

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