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Bitmedia Review: The Leading Crypto Advertising Network?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or the deep blue sea, you already know the open secret that cryptocurrencies are slowly but surely cutting a niche for themselves in finance. 

The result is that more and more people are joining the crypto bandwagon. But as they troop into the crypto space, many are unsure how and where to begin their crypto investment journey.

Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser interested in showing crypto enthusiasts where to start their journeys, there’s no better way to do it than using the leading crypto ads network. 

This article reviews, a crypto ad network that is a leading gateway offering crypto businesses the most relevant audience.

What Is Bitmedia? is a leading crypto ad platform established in 2014 to become the best digital currency ad network linking blockchain businesses with targeted crypto audiences.  

The specialist Bitcoin ad marketplace matches publishers and advertisers to make online ads on buying and selling more convenient so the majority of crypto-savvy visitors can see them. The platform’s growing popularity in recent times results from offering a transparent and secure formula to monetize web traffic by creating the right ad content for users to publish and get an ROI.   

Bitmedia operates an industry-leading toolkit that guarantees a fast, customized setup and onboarding process, delivering targeted advertising material for any crypto website, enabling you to monetize your earnings and traffic.      

How It Works

Most firms trust in the crypto, Web3, and gaming industries because of its results-oriented approach and practical advertising options. To start, you need to create an account with, and once it’s verified, you can begin building your blockchain or crypto company’s campaigns and promoting them with minimal effort from your side. 

The platform has customizable advertising solutions, including text and graphic options, such as display banners, sticky ads, and native advertisements. The ads are aimed explicitly at niche audiences in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, gaming, and betting industries.   

Since advertisers and publishers want results, takes care of that by using state-of-the-art targeting proficiencies, including geo-targeting and device type. Furthermore, the platform provides here-and-now analysis and analytics so users can track and enhance the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.       

Ad Formats Available on Bitmedia users can choose from a wide variety of ad styles that are offered on the platform, which include the following:   

Display Advertisements

Display advertisements are mainly used on websites or social media platforms to capture user attention. These ads can be image-based or text-based, appeal to viewers to click on them, can be made in various sizes, and are a perfect addition to your advertising campaign.  

Video Advertisements

Just like the name suggests, video commercials are ads that employ video to promote brands. Video ads use straightforward messaging to inform audiences about your company most effectively.  

Rich Media Advertisements

Rich media adverts take your advertising campaign one step beyond the reach of text and display ads as they incorporate more complex features, including music, video, and other components that promote viewer participation. This type of ad will include adaptive bright banners that make them more appealing to users.    

Benefits for Advertisers 

With its focused targeting on crypto audiences, Bitmedia offers a plethora of features and benefits that make it attractive for advertisers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, which include among the following: 

Niche Audience Focus: As experts in the Bitcoin and crypto space, Bitmedia ensures ads are seen by audiences that are not only interested but also engaged in crypto, leading to higher relevancy and probable conversions.

Crypto-Definite Ad Formats: Bitmedia’s ads are customized to address crypto audiences, meaning the message resonates with crypto fans, resulting in more effective campaigns. 

Controlled Placements: Users have a wide variety of high-performing to choose from where their ads will be displayed to align with brand image and values properly.  

Diverse Ad Types: Bitmedia promotes different ads that guarantee the flexibility of a campaign’s objectives, whether promoting DeFi platforms, token sales, NFT collections, or any other crypto-related programs.  

Trusted Partnerships: Bitmedia has partnered with market leaders in the crypto industry, further demonstrating its effectiveness and credibility.  

Broad Audience Reach: Due to its extensive publisher network, advertisers on Bitmedia can enjoy comprehensive coverage of crypto-related topics, meaning their ads reach different segments of the crypto sphere. 

Responsive Customer Support: Bitmedia has a highly responsive customer support team operating 24/7, meaning they’re available to tackle all customer inquiries, offer assistance, and facilitate a seamless advertising experience.

Benefits for Publishers 

If you already have a blog but don’t have a successful monetization strategy, offers one of the most effective ways to make money using an ad network. You can quickly increase your earnings and get faster payment rewards by registering on to become a publisher.    

Once registered as a publisher, you’re ready to use the different Bitmedia ad formats by adding the ad code to your blog; creating ad blocks and placing them takes only a few seconds. Some of the benefits you’ll accrue as a publisher on include the following: 

High Revenue Potential: Bitmedia is renowned for offering rich commissions, enabling publishers to maximize earnings from Bitcoin ads. 

Prompt Payments: Users enjoy peace of mind as they can withdraw their earnings to any cryptocurrency wallet anytime. 

Hassle-free Setup: Bitmedia operates easy-to-use banner integration tools, meaning publishers can begin monetizing their web traffic within minutes of registering.   

Various Ad Formats: Bitmedia offers different ad types to match varied website aesthetics when converting, leading to increased income streams. 

Flexible Monetization Options: You can choose between cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) and cost-per-click (CPC) models based on the monetization model that best serves your interests.

High-Quality Ad Content: generates the highest quality ad content, promoting your blog’s value in traffic growth and earning potential. 

Backup Ad Setup: If your primary ads aren’t available, Bitmedia has many backup ad options that ensure your blog monetization process continues uninterrupted. This is offered through the platform’s straightforward, quick-and-easy banner process with clear user instructions.  

Well-timed Payments: All the revenue you earn from clicks gets transferred to your principal balance within seven days of entering the pending account, leading to timely analysis and prompt withdrawals.  

Speaking on the functionality of Bitmedia’s ad campaigns, Matthew Struble, VP of Marketing & Product Strategy at Nexus Trade, stated: 

“The functionality around Bitmedia’s targeting allowed Nexus to optimize the campaign and increase our qualified views by 39% and 100% the increase by leads.”


As we conclude our review, the burning question is whether Bitmedia is the leading crypto ad network in the industry. While that’s debatable, there’s every good reason to believe that Bitmedia offers some impressive features compared to other ad networks. 

From the highly easy-to-setup-and-use UI and ad setup, advanced control systems, and no-minimum budget to a highly responsive customer care team, you can be sure you have a platform to guarantee your ROI.  

Whether you’re an upcoming DeFi or NFT project or a cryptocurrency exchange, you can enjoy a flexible and cost-effective platform that ensures your ads reach your target audience using high-quality blogs, websites, and other online publications. 

Most importantly, offers attractive perks to publishers, providing both big and small publications are continually added to increase its steadily growing network. 

The bottom line is that based on our impression of, the platform can be counted among the list of a few reliable ad networks with a proven track record, especially when you look at the long list of its clientele, which includes leading crypto and blockchain brands. 

With very few, if any, significant downers with, we recommend that you consider using the platform, but after carefully checking and verifying that it addresses all your requirements. 

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