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Take philosophy and mix in imagination, add equal parts chaos and order, then throw in some cryptids whooping the shit out of each other and welcome to the world of BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE. Follow a gentle, bigfoot warrior as he finds his way in a world where anyone can be a hunter, and everyone can be the prey.

Also, in this issue…. KUNG FU ‘THULHU (yes, a Kung Fu fighting Cthulhu)!

BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE Chapter 1: Hunter/Prey is the first of a five-issue miniseries on Kickstarter. Already making waves on the indie comic scene, BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE has inspired a host of fan-related artwork and buzz. Audiences are enamored with the series’ unique concept and visually stunning artwork.

Kickstarter, crowdfunding
Ends November 12, 2021
Bigfoot knows karate, dan price, comic books, indie comics,

“BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE is my love letter to genres that I’ve always found interesting- cryptids and kaiju. Add Grindhouse action with a film noir-like twist or two along the way.”

Dan Price – writer


BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE is a 30-page, full color story by creator/co-writer/artist Dan Price, and co-writer/editor Casey Allen.  The idea for this book began in 2017 with basic sketches of our title hero. After four years of Casey telling me to get off my butt and get this project going, and with the help and support of the Instagram and Twitter Indie Communities, both Casey and I are proud as hell to bring you BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE.

Dan Price continues, “With my comics background in comedies, I never had the opportunity to write and draw something as off-the-wall and action-packed as BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE! And having Casey Allen on board… that’s the dream! Casey gets it.”

If you enjoy cryptids, kaiju, psychological thrillers, over the top action and a little mystery, get ready for BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE!

RAGIN’ With…

Our RAGIN’ team of Meredith Loughran and Nita Lanning sit with Dan Price to talk about his creative journey, the challenges and joys of writing, and the genesis of BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE. Don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel.


Writer, Casey Allen adds, “I’ve known Dan for awhile through The Comic Jam and we immediately hit it off. He knows how to make a damn good comic. I’ve had a blast writing this comic and I can’t wait for y’all to check it out.”


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