Tech jobs for geeks

Best Careers for Technology Geeks

If you are a self-professed tech nerd, you’re in a great position when it comes to employment. The world of computing, machinery, AI and automation are advancing faster than ever before – and those who have a good knowledge and high level of interest in this field are sure to profit by taking on a suitable role. In this article, we’ll explore a few of the opportunities available to those who love anything tech-related. You’ll find lucrative and rewarding opportunities within almost any specialist field relating to the world of technology. Read on to find a little career inspiration and decide on the job that suits you.

Your Own Boss

You don’t have to work within the tech field to make the most of your passion for all things digital or automated. An interest in these matters can prove extremely helpful if you decide to start your own business in any sector. The first step is to accrue enough capital – whether by borrowing from a bank, appealing to investors or reviewing your own finances, as you can re-mortgage your property or refinance a student loan to save money. Once you’re in a good position, you may decide to invest a certain percentage of that capital in automation or the use of applications to aid in streamlining and workflow management. This is likely to keep your overheads down, as it’ll help you achieve more on your own and save on wages.


In technological fields, the term design covers a huge and diverse area. Depending on your strengths and interests, you might consider programming design, web design, app building, the development of specialist machinery or digital devices, game design and much more. These positions can be extremely well paid, particularly as many of them require a rare combination of technical know-how and creativity. It’s also exciting to be able to say that you’ve made your mark and helped to bring a brand-new product to the market.

Manufacture, Repairs, Modifications and Upgrades

The physical construction of machinery and devices can be utterly fascinating and will place you on the front line when it comes to the delivery of new developments in tech. Very few people have the in-depth understanding of the inner workings of a machine that is required for a position of this kind, so the pay is almost always generous. Meanwhile, if you’re a sucker for a good puzzle, you might prefer to work in product repair. Improvements and adjustments are also in regular demand – and those with in-depth knowledge of the functions of particular machines or devices will always be sought-after.


There will always be demand for specialists who seek out and collate data and information. Researchers are highly valued within the tech field and their skills are considered among the most transferable and applicable to a number of practices.


Analysis is a step along the line from research. Data analysts and other experts of this kind know exactly how to manage and interpret the information that has been provided by researchers. They can then translate the results into a more digestible format for their wider company or client base.

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