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Best Budget CSGO Skins in 2022

The ever growing popularity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive created a massive market around the commerce of CS:GO skins and cases. Currently, these in-game items are treated as virtual currencies, as the amount of money paid for them has increased significantly over the years. 

While the most exquisite skins are usually expensive, we’ve listed CS:GO skins with superior visual appeal and reasonable prices. Read on and enjoy!

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Purchasing a CS:GO skin to flex in front of friends or keeping it in one’s inventory for investment purposes can be a good idea, but many players are still resistant to the idea of paying for skins.

Some of them prefer to open cases or play with the Farmskins promo code trying to drop cool skins. While both methods are valid, the best choice is to find sleek CS:GO skins with good prices. 

Here’s a list of the top skins in 2022 in terms of cost-benefit:

AWP Exoskeleton

The AWP rifle allows you to drop instant kills with a single shot. Despite its supreme effectiveness, this weapon is already expensive, which means you might not have enough money left to buy a solid skin, right? Wrong!.

Available within a price range between $0.90 (Battle-Scarred) to $16.84 (Factory New StatTrak version), the AWP Exoskeleton offers high-quality aesthetics for low-budget margin prices.

Released as part of the “Operation Broken Fang” update back in December 2020, this is an affordable skin option for CS:GO snipers that want to give their AWP rifles a good-looking overlay.

All crafted in tones of black, dark grey, and a sinister tone of dark blue, this skin features a skull image and an intricated set of details. When the light shines over this finish, the colors suddenly change depending on the angle of light that falls on it.

The AWP Exoskeleton is a “Classified” skin and has a float range between 0.00 and 1.00, which makes it available in all levels of wear and tear.

SSG 08 Parallax

Another piece of the “Operation Broken Fang” collection, the SSG 08 Parallax is an attractive-looking skin that will not require you to sell your car to purchase it.

A “Restricted” sniper rifle skin with StatTrak versions available, this finish can be easily found for sale within a price range of $0.92 (Battle-Scarred) to $8.66 (Factory New StatTrak item).

Also launched in December 2020, the design is based on a cool cybernetic concept. Mostly done in tones of black and grey with details in pixelated versions of white, red, and aqua, this skin features the phrase “One Two Shots One Kill” written on the body.

This is one of the best skins to combine with stickers, especially tournament stickers from world-class CS:GO teams. This skin’s float range is between 0.00 to 1.00, which means you will find it in all exterior qualities available on CS:GO. 

M4A4 Cyber Security

If you want a flashy skin for an affordable price, you must seriously consider purchasing an M4A4 Cyber Security. A “Classified” rifle with StatTrak versions available as well, this skin simply looks neat.

Featuring a “Custom Paint Job” style, the black tones are concentrated on the weapon’s edges and the mid-area shows a nice design done in red, yellowish orange, and blue covered with white oriental letters. 

While newer versions look brighter and more colorful, superior levels of wear and tear will make older versions look shadier. Still, Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred items will make you look like a killer machine from a cyberpunk novel.

With a float range between 0.00 and 0.98, this skin is available in all types of exterior qualities. A Battle-Scarred item can cost as low as $7.26, while Factory New one will cost around $22.49 (standard) or $48.00 (StatTrak version). 

Final Thoughts

While many CS:GO players think that purchasing a nice skin will require them to sell a house or get a second job to pay the bills, it could not be further from the truth. As demonstrated in this short selection, it is possible to find stylish skins with a touch of glamour for affordable prices in the current CS:GO market.

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