Trustycon founder stamos begins work as yahoo! Ciso

TrustyCon founder Stamos begins work as Yahoo! CISO

Effective on Monday, Yahoo officially has a new chief information security officer. Alex Stamos, founder of TrustyCon, has been selected to head the internet giant’s security operations. The move will not be without controversy, especially after unnamed sources have characterized TrustyCon as a “protest” against the RSA USA conference. Stamos speaking at TrustyCon, via CnetIn the…

The (literal) keys to the internet

The (Literal) Keys To The Internet

“A master key to the internet” might sound at first like a trite plot device from a 2000s B-movie, or like something an out-of-touch congressman might reference at a net neutrality hearing. But the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Associated Names and Numbers) actually does have a key to the Internet. Or rather, it has twenty-one…

What does a tree trunk sound like played as a record?

What Does a Tree Trunk Sound Like Played as a Record?

Every fifth-grade science student learns about the rings on a tree, and how they visually demonstrate the tree’s annual growth. While this knowledge might be the height of most people’s interest in dendrochronology, the science of dating trees by their rings, Austrian artist Bartholomäus Traubeck offers a striking new way to interpret growth rings: through…