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‘the office’ inspired gizmos to make your workday awesome

‘The Office’ Inspired Gizmos to Make Your Workday Awesome

Foremost, all hail Dwight Shrute– beloved office misfit, Battlestar Galactica and beet loyalist, and martial artist. His, along with his coworker Jim Halpert’s office antics made The Office entertaining to watch. We also can’t disregard that super dork boss, Michael Scott, added to the entertainment, making the office look like a place that seemed not…

Top 3 tabletop games that even non-gamers will enjoy

Top 3 Tabletop Games That Even Non-Gamers Will Enjoy

Most days it feels like consumers have forgotten about board games. Technology has irrevocably changed the way people spend their leisure time. To an extent, it has even substituted for genuine human communication and interaction. Its influence has popularized dynamic game play through gaming systems and computers but has challenged our perception of what it…